River City Wrestling: RCW vs GFW card preview


River City Wrestling will host their next even tonight at the Turner Club located at 5555 Duffek Dr in San Antonio, Texas. Prior to this event, we will be hosting a live podcast that can be heard here on our website beginning at 6:30pm and encourage all RCW fans to come out and join us. The doors will open at 7:30pm and the event kicks off at 8pm. This card features one of the best wrestlers in the history of wrestling, “The King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett. He will be appearing at this event with his wife Karen as he attempts to win the RCW Heavyweight Championship when he squares off with Brandon Groom.

Here is a look at the card for for Friday’s RCW live event.

RCW vs. GFW RCW Championship Match

(C) Brandon Groom vs. “The King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett w/ Karen Jarrett
This will be the biggest test for Brandon Groom when he steps foot in the ring with the “King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett. The founder of Global Force Wrestling is looking to take back some gold with him when he heads back to the offices of GFW, however, Groom has other things on his mind. A recently released Facebook video by Groom was mainly focused on the wife of Jeff, Karen Jarrett. The “Bride less” one has his eyes set on making Karen his bride and taking her away from Jeff tonight. Will Jeff take back gold with him when the night is over? Or will Brandon turn Karen into his bride and end the run of being bride less? Only one way to find out and that is to get out to this event to witness this epic battle yourself!

RCW Championship Match
(C) “Samoan Beast” Michael Faith vs. Paul Titan
Michael Faith was able to retain and successfully defend his newly won title last month against Lance Hoyt after outside interference from Team Boom Boom caused the match to end in a no contest. Faith and Hoyt would get the last laugh after performing a double choke slam to Boom Boom to end the night. Titan did not compete at the last RCW event, but he did participate in the May event and picked up a win over “Super Mex” Hernandez and took on Al Snow at an RCW event earlier in the year. Although the Fourth of July has passed, the fireworks will be on full display when these two powerhouses meet tonight.

Single’s Match
doom v vicky

Delilah Doom vs. Victoria Gonzalez
At the last RCW event, Delilah Doom picked up a win over Victoria in a tag team match. Doom teamed up with Baby D, while Victoria teams up with Claudia Solis. Delilah Doom, who threw out the first pitch on Tuesday at the San Antonio Missions baseball game, is looking to keep her momentum going by picking up another win over Victoria, while Victoria is trying to get back on the winning track in singles competition. Both of these women can flat out wrestle and this match should be a very entertaining one.

Mixed Tag Team Match
Joey Spector & Baby D vs. Anthony Andrews & Claudia Solis
Both Joey Spector and Baby D are coming off of tag team wins at the last RCW event. While Anthony Andrews did not compete at the last event, Claudia Solis did and she was on the losing side of a tag match against Baby D and Delilah Doom as mentioned above. Spector is coming off of a 6-man tag team win at last months RCW event and he is looking to keep that winning streak going when he teams up with Baby D. Baby D is having quite a busy month wrestling all over Texas and she and Claudia both competed in a women’s tournament just a couple of weeks ago. Neither woman was able to win the tournament, so picking up a win here will be crucial for them to start building some momentum and get some more wins under their belt. Baby D is a fun and exciting wrestler to watch and she definitely keeps the crowd involved, while Claudia also interacts with the crowd, she possesses some great power and good wrestling techniques. This match will not disappoint!

Tag Team Match
Kyle Hawk & “The Chickasaw Warrior” Ky-ote vs. Skitzkrieg & Xavier Daniels
Both Skitzkrieg and Xavier Daniels are coming off of losses at the last RCW event. Skitzkrieg was trying to recapture the RCW Heavyweight Championship, but fell short in his match against Brandom Groom. Daniels was on the losing side of a 6-man tag team match that had Kyle Hawk on the winning team last month, while Ky-ote is making his RCW debut. It will be interesting to see how Hawk and Ky-ote gel together as a team and if they can pick up a victory over two tough opponents in Skitzkrieg and Daniels.

Triple Threat RCW Phoenix Championship Match
mr b

(C) “Chi Towns Finest” Mr.B vs. Jack Delfino vs. Rob Love
Mr. B is set to defend his Phoenix Championship against two worthy opponents in Rob Love and Jack Delfino. Mr. B and Delfino  were on the same tag team that fell short in a 6-man tag match at the last RCW event, while Love was involved in a separate tag match, where he and Nate Cross lost to the Powers of Pain. Mr. B has wrestled in and held gold in many organizations and has wrestled against some of the top talent in the world. He will face off with two more quality opponents tonight when he squares off with Love and Delfino. Love has held gold in RCW before, as he a former RCW tag team champion, and is looking to obtain gold once again in RCW tonight. Delfino had a singles match with Mr. B for this same Phoenix title back in April, but was unsuccessful in winning the gold. Both Delfino and Love are hungry for gold, but Mr. B doesn’t have plans to drop this title any time soon. Every man in this match will stop at nothing to walk away with the gold and everyone watching will all be the winners of enjoying this match.

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