AAPW presents: Put Up or Shut Up card preview


America’s Academy of Pro Wrestling is set to host their next event titled “Put Up or Shut Up” on Saturday July 9 at 7:30pm at the AAPW training center located in Pflugerville, Texas. Below you can find a preview of the matches that have already been announced for the card.

Women’s Championship Match
Laynie Luck vs Christi VaVoom (co-Champion)
At the last AAPW event, Bella Tres won the AAPW Women’s Championship from Allie Kat, but Christi VaVoom forced Bella to hand the title over to her. The title is not recognized as a title that is to be shared, however Christi simply does not care. Luck has held the title on two separate occasions and is hoping that after this event, she will be crowned for the third time.

AAPW Heavyweight Championship Match
Don Rodrigo (C) vs Charlie Maret
A man of few, or no words rather, Charlie Maret did not say a word when signing his contract for this title match and when asked if he was ready for the match, he simply nodded his head “yes.” Don Rodrigo is going into this match as confident as ever and fully plans on walking out of Put Up or Shut Up with his championship in tow. Be there to witness if a new champion will be crowned or if the man of chosen words will walk away with the gold.

Loser Leaves Town Match & Hair vs Mask
Amir Assud vs American Eagle
Referee Marty Green is sick and tired of Amir Assud’s ways. Green believes that Assud is “out of control and breaks every rule in the book.” When AAPW reps spoke with Assud and asked him if he was ready for another “Loser Leaves Town” match, Assud became angry and stated “there will be no more American Eagle after July 9th and that cheating referee (Marty Green) can go too!” AAPW reps also caught up with American Eagle who had the following to say, “No matter what the outcome may be, I will fight and do whatever I can to get the red, white and blue mask back that Assud tore off of me the last time we met. I am dedicating this match to my fans!” One other interesting stipulation in this match is that if American Eagle wins, Amir Assud will have to cut his hair off and if Assud wins, Eagle must permanently give up his mask. This feud is heating up and you do not want to miss this match up!

Singles Match
Ricky Starks vs Kody Krash
Former 4 time AAPW Heavyweight Champion Ricky Starks is ready to take on his rival, the high flying daredevil Kody Krash. This match has been in the making for quite some time and now we are finally  going to see it! “My reputation I have is that I am known as the ‘giant killer’ and I am going to crush me a Ricky squirrel,” said Krash. “That young pup is truly trying to make a name for himself,” said Starks. “If he has any common sense at all, he wouldn’t get in the ring with a shark.” The fireworks will be in full display well after the 4th of July and you won’t want to miss them on this action packed card.

Other matches on this card are listed below.

Tag Team Championship Match
Kash & Show (C) vs  Vega Del Rio & Donnie Giovani

Tag Team Match
Anthony Rebel & KO Cox vs Blue Blade & Lechuga Azul

Singles Match
Nick Bronson vs Quinten Lynch

Note: This preview was written with notes provided by George de la Isla of AAPW.


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