Wrestling Cocktails: The Dirty Andy Dalton


Hello and welcome to the inaugural edition of my boozy blog series, Wrestling Cocktails! In this series, as the name suggests, I will be talking about wrestling, and I will be talking about cocktails. Clever, eh? But! I will go beyond mere discussion, as every edition of this series will pair a specific professional wrestler with a unique cocktail that I create in his or her honor.

With every drink I will attempt to capture the personality, vitality, and presence of the professional wrestler who inspired it. And with each accompanying blog, I will attempt to convey all of that to you, Dear Reader. And hopefully we will have some fun along the way.

For the very first edition of Wrestling Cocktails, I chose to create a whiskey cocktail  in honor of one of my all-time-favorite heels, Dirty Andy Dalton.


Andy Dalton was an obvious choice for my first drink. He’s Southern, for one thing. He struts to the ring like a Good Ole Boy from Alabama to the tune of House of the Rising Sun by the Animals. His image is one of greasy hair and a superior sneer. Not to mention he sells tee shirts with a graphic suspiciously reminiscent of the Jack Daniels Logo.

The very first time I saw Andy Dalton in action (interestingly enough, it was at the very first Inspire Pro Wrestling show) I wanted to hate his guts. He had a bad reputation that preceded him at many indie promotions in Texas. Being a rabid wrestling fan, I was aware of his reputation. I actually gasped when he stepped through the curtain. Now, I might have imagined this, but I remember hearing people in the audience whispering to each other “That’s Andy Dalton!”

He sneered and strutted and heckled the audience. Then–and I KNOW this part actually happened–he spit a massive loogie up into the air, and…caught it back in his open mouth before climbing into the ring.

That’s Dirty Andy Dalton. He won my heart and went on to win the Inspire Pro Heavyweight Championship and had a feud there with Matthew Palmer that was just a thing of wrestling beauty. Tons has already been written about their feud, and more probably should. It lasted for nearly a year and lit a fire of passion in the Texas wrestling fan base that has yet to be rivaled.

And now, for the cocktail!



2.5 ounces of cold-brewed coffee (I used High Brew Mexican Vanilla)
1.25 ounces of Jack Daniels whiskey
0.5 ounce triple sec
0.5 ounce (or thereabouts) maple syrup
Bourbon Cream to taste

Add all ingredients except the bourbon cream to a shaker, add ice, and shake well. Fill a highball glass with ice and pour over the ice. Add bourbon cream (or Irish cream, if bourbon cream isn’t available) until your drink is the shade of beige you prefer for your coffee (I used approximately one-half ounce in the drink as pictured).

In the drink as pictured, I used pure maple syrup. Pure maple syrup is thinner than traditional pancake syrup and has a slightly different taste. But if all you have in your cupboard is Mrs. Butterworth’s, go for it! The Dirty Andy Dalton, while classy, is not meant to be a pretentious cocktail.

Think of The Dirty Andy Dalton as a classy, boozy, iced coffee. It’s got enough caffeine to fuel the real Andy Dalton’s career aspirations and plenty of Tennessee whiskey for his Southern roots.


But I also wanted to pay homage to side of Andy Dalton that heckles fans and catches loogies in his mouth like a shot. And then it hit me: a shot! I needed to also make him a shot!


The Rising Sun Shot

1 part vodka
1 part triple sec
1/2 part lemon juice
a dash of grenadine

Add all ingredients to a shaker, add ice, and shake well. Pour into a shot glass, appreciate the vibrant red color of The Rising Sun, and shoot!

The foundation for The Rising Sun is a shot called The Kamikaze. I chose to use The Kamikaze as the base for The Rising Sun because of the obvious Japanese connection. Where I departed is with the use of lemon juice instead of lime juice (lemon is less bitter) and the addition of grenadine. I wanted the shot to be red to evoke the Rising Sun of the Japanese flag.

And why Rising Sun? Because it’s Andy Dalton’s entrance theme! And because he is spending this summer making a name for himself in Japan.


Well, Dear Reader, there you have your Dirty Andy Dalton cocktail and shot! I hope you enjoy them, and if you weren’t already a fan of the real-life Andy Dalton, let this be your motivation to familiarize yourself with his work.

I am: Your friend in wrestling fandom,

Shana Hammaker

You can follow Shana on twitter here: @LiteraryGrrrl 

 Coming soon: cocktails inspired by SOLO DARLING, VEDA SCOTT, and more!



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