TCW Top Rope Rumors


So it is the day after 4th of July and time for a few more rumors and facts, as well as everything in-between!

  • The TCW wrestlers will be taking the cars from Texas Heatwave to all race each other in a Death Style race to see who will be the next to get a shot at the TCW Heavyweight Title.
  • Rumor has it that Rique will try to win against Tempo without using a lead pipe or any other object, but we all know that can’t be true.
  • Darin Childs will turn on Johnny Axxle and team up with Marcus Rose and they will win the TCW Tag Team Titles.
  • Ruthless Lala will destroy everyone who gets in her way or tries to get in her quest to reclaim the TCW Woman’s Title.
  • Jack Jameson will issue a new challenge to the people in the back, a chain wrestling challenge and the challenge will be answered by none other than…MASADA!
  • Independence Brawl 8 has ties to the TCW future idea that is still coming! Don’t Forget!
  • July 23 may be a hell of a hot day for TCW!
  • Ruthless Lala will now attack anyone who tries to get the fans to cheer for them. She says she will be teaching them the lesson that having fans is bad for your health.
  • Brysin Scott will point out that he has been loyal and has been at every TCW show. That it is beyond time for him to carry, not just a belt, but THE BELT and will challenge whoever wins the ladder match for the TCW Heavyweight belt. He says he has more then earned it.
  • Marcus Rose will come out and trash talk.
  • Hate Cryme will be upset that they are not getting a title shot and will attack some random other team because of it!

Some of these are true and others are WAY beyond false, a few fall inbetween but stick with us to see which come true and which you only wish would.  July 30th in Killeen, Texas for INDEPENDENCE BRAWL  8!


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