Play Your Part


Dear heckler(s),

Congratulations! You are finally getting what you always wanted, all the attention. This tirade is for you.

Let me start by saying that in no way do I think fans should not interact with wrestlers at a show. The entire point of going to a live wrestling show is to cheer for your favorites and boo those you don’t like. Those tear-jerker promos that WWE puts together that say there is no wrestling without the fans… they aren’t lying. The fans are as much as part of the wrestling business as the wrestlers themselves. We are a part of the show.

But what you fail to comprehend, hecklers, is that you are not the reason we came. You are not why we bought a ticket.

I recently attended a local event with multiple people in the audience who felt they were more entertaining than the athletes in the ring. They weren’t. For almost the entirety of the show, these individuals yelled childish insults and fired poorly-timed quips at any and every wrestler to step through the ropes. And to your credit, many of the wrestlers acknowledged you. You finally got some of that attention you so desperately crave. And in all honestly, it really didn’t take away from what was a very good show.

Until it did.

When a grown man (notice I didn’t say adult) is stretched as far as he can across a railing with both middle fingers raised and shouting at a performer to “suck my d*ck b*tch” and “f*cking die”… well, I think a line has been crossed. Aside from the fact that the performer was female (and could break you in half) and aside from the fact that there were children in the audience, you took us all out of the moment. You made it about you. Grow up.

We come to see a story. We come to watch our heroes do battle with the villains and cheer them to victory. We don’t come to hear you yell obscenities in the hopes that for a few hours people will find you humorous and acknowledge your existence. That’s what the internet is for. Try Twitter. Or Reddit. Or a cold shower. Or therapy.

And it’s not just the local shows.

Can we please put a stop to the “you can’t wrestle” chants? NEWSFLASH: Every single performer in the WWE can wrestle. Yes, even Dana Brooke. If someone has made it to the top level of their profession, they can obviously perform. Boo them. Boo them mercilessly. But saying they “can’t wrestle” is not only false, it’s ignorant. You’re only making yourself look foolish and once again, trying to become bigger than the show.

As fans, we play just as big a role in the performance as the wrestlers in the ring. We lend our energy to our superhero so that in the face of certain defeat, they can somehow overcome. We jeer the villain so that they know no matter what they do, they can never win. But we are not the main attraction. If that’s what you’re looking for then by all means, step between those ropes. I’m sure the target of all those insults you so desperately needed to shout would love to have a moment of your time.


  1. You’re so right about those kind of hecklers. They are usally the worse part of the show cuz they don’t know the difference between being part of the show and trying to become the show.


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