TCW Slammin 2 recap


In an unusual take on the normal scheduling, TCW had a show a week after the last show.  This one was a doozy and had some great matches and moments, as well as a hell of a build up for the next show on July 30th.

We open with the contract signing that Mr. B has put together for himself and Kyle Hawk to battle for the TCW Heavyweight title one more time in a ladder match. They have been battling all over for a year in RCW, TCW and many other promotions. They have wrestled in regular matches, cage fights and falls count anywhere matches. They have fought for pride, bragging rights, just because and for titles and gold. Now a rematch for the TCW Heavyweight Title could be happening.

Mr. B came out first and was followed soon by Kyle Hawk. Trash talking followed suit, but both men eventually signed. Then, Kyle said he added some fine print that stated that he could choose not to defend the title if he puts it up in 30 days, meaning that he battles tonight, he has 30 days to change his mind. This makes Mr. B irate and they traded blows, but American Eagle came out to help Mr. B. This got the match between Hawk and Eagle started.

TCW Heavyweight Title Match: Kyle Hawk(c) vs American Eagle:

American Eagle and Kyle Hawk had battled at Honor the Guard, with Eagle teaming up with a Captain to defeat Kyle Hawk and his opponent, so Hawk wanted revenge. Hawk kept bad mouthing America and the soldiers out there fighting, saying they are the issue with America. This makes American Eagle upset, but Hawk is ready this time and defeats Eagle to retain the belt.

A solid match, sad to see Eagle not win the day, but Hawk feels he deserves that belt and wants to hang on to it no matter what. This gives him a major win going into his ladder match against Mr. B next month.

Next up was supposed to be the TCW TV title match, where Just Willie took on Tyler Jett as he won the right to a title match by beating Marcus Rose in a “One on One.” But Marcus Rose had his boys in Hate Cryme take care of Jett so that Just Willie will be facing him for the TV title instead. Just Willie has faced all comers so this doesn’t phase him.

TCW TV TITLE: Just Willie(c) vs Marcus “better then ACH” Rose:

Marcus Rose has trash talking down but usually relies on his team, Hate Cryme, to back him up. He didn’t have that tonight as they had something to do with Jett. This match was a good match but you have to wonder if the fact that whoever won would not only get the TCW TV title, but have to face the “American Psycho” Lance Hoyt, which is never a fun idea.

The two men fought a great battle for the title. Just Willie always goes all out to hold on to the title, while Marcus is trying to prove he deserves gold. But on this night Just Willie once again proved why he is the champ, which also means at the next show he will be stepping into the ring to defend that belt against Lance Hoyt.

The next match was not the one people were expecting. Tony Strong couldn’t make it, so long timer and always there fighting, Mr. Brysin Scott was set to take on the man who turned on him at the last show and a returning TCW wrestler.

Brysin Scott vs Richard Reason vs Jason Silver:

These three men are all very tough. At the last show Reason and Scott had teamed up, but couldn’t quite get along. This prompted Reason to walk away, leaving Scott to lose the match and both men vowed revenge on the other. They got it sooner than they thought, but a returning TCW wrestler also wanted a shot at them, Jason Silver. All three of these men are very good and high flyers.

Reason came out first, just talking and saying people should listen to reason…on and on, while the others talked less. This match was fast paced and fun. While all three men got in some good hits, Brysin got the win this night, beating two very tough men in the process.

The Lost Soulz were not at the last show, but their presence has been felt, Axxle and Childs have been around fighting others. Sometimes just one of them but that is more than the Lost Soulz have been .  They made this show and had quite an impact, along with their manager Paco Escobar.

Lost Soulz w/ Paco Escobar vs Sammy Haggard and Evren Orion:

Haggard and Orion teamed up to battle the Lost Soulz, who are the TCW Tag Team champs. While this was not for the belts, it was a big step for Haggard and Orion. If they could win, it could show them as future contenders, no matter who had the belt after the next show.

Haggard and Orion have the upper hand for most of the match, but the Lost Soulz find a hidden fire and turn it all around towards the end. Usually Sky starts attacking and while he is the partner waiting to be tagged, he brutally attacks from behind and they finally get the win, as they did here. The Lost Soulz won.

Donnie G had a match last show and came out at this one and said he is back full-time and wants to prove himself by taking on the best TCW has to offer. He issues an open challenge to anyone there in the back and that challenge is answered by “Playboy” Johnny Axxle!

Donnie Giovanni vs “Playboy” Johnny Axxle:

A hell of an answer to his open challenge, Johnny is a long time TCW mainstay and has won belts both here and at several other promotions throughout his career. He has teamed up with and/or wrestled with some of the best out there. Don G put up a fight, but Axxle gave as good as he got, but before we could get a winner The Lost Soulz came out and beat down Johnny Axxle. They threw Don out of the ring to keep attacking Axxle, but Don G gets right back in and tries to help. The real question becomes where is Axxle’s partner, Darin Childs? Axxle got beat down by the team who he and Childs are due to fight, but Axxle was left alone. Axxle got the win by DQ.

Baby D vs Ruthless Lala:

Baby D was making her TCW debut and she challenged the baddest in Texas and went right after Ruthless. Baby D was also due to fight in the Queen of Queens the next night, which means she would want to try to finish this fight fast. Sadly, when fighting someone like Ruthless the fight won’t be easy or fast.

Both women gave it their all and went at it like champs. Baby D is fun in the ring but it started out with a dance contest, which Ruthless resisted at first, but soon found herself dancing. Then the match got brutal after that and Baby D was able to pull out the win, but it was the aftermath that surprised people.

Ruthless said that the fans and people didn’t care, that they didn’t support her through the bad times. She is a 3 time TCW Woman’s Champion and the longest reigning TCW Woman’s Champion ever. She deserves respect and is not getting it. The fans are not worth it and she fully turns her back on them, a theme this weekend but I will get to that later.

The main event was next. Jack Jameson, who recently returned from Japan, was due to face Mr. B, who has been defending his title whenever and wherever.

Jack Jameson vs Mr. B:

Jack Jameson  was eager to use his new skills and lessons that he picked up in Japan against his very tough opponent and Mr. B is always ready to prove he is the best.

Kyle Hawk is on commentary for this match. While it started with hand shaking, it got brutal fast.  They hit each other often and fast. Jack kicked Mr. B so hard in the face, he busted open his lip. As the fight kept going Mr. B is bleeding, but not slowed down. Jack goes for a German suplex that caused B to land partially on his neck and Jack went for the pin, but Mr. B managed to kick out.

Mr. B super kicked Jack and then added another before trying to pin Jack, but he managed to kick out. Then after a second pin attempt, Jack kicked out again, but then Hawk got involved and attacked Mr. B before throwing Jack out of the ring so he could focus on Mr. B. He hit B with the Dream Catcher, his finisher, and while B was down Jack came back and chased away Kyle and Mr. B got the win by DQ.

Axxle and others came out to help Mr. B to the back as he was injured, but at last report he was cleared to wrestle.

This was a hell of a show. So much of it was crazy and the last few shows have been leading to the big showdown at Independence Brawl 8 on July 30th. Here are some of the matches we are already aware of.

Rique Jackson vs Terrale Tempo II

Richard Reason vs Brysin Scott

Just Willie(C) vs American Psycho Lance Hoyt for the TCW TV title

Lost Soulz(c) vs Darin Childs and Johnny Axxle for TCW Tag Titles


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