2016 American Joshi Queen of Queens tournament results


The eighth annual American Joshi Queen of Queens tournament took place last night in Austin, Texas at the Mohawk. No woman competing in this years tournament had ever won this tournament before, so we were about to crown a first time winner.

Although the 2016 American Joshi Queen of Queens card featured lots of great action other than the tournament, this article will only focus on the tournament itself.

Here is a list of the women that competed in the tournament and their stats going into the tournament.

Baby D-0-1 all time in tournament history

Laynie Luck-first time competing in tournament

Erica Torres-first time competing in tournament

Allie Kat-first time competing in tournament

Christi Jaynes-first time competing in tournament

Claudia Del Solis-0-3 all time in tournament history

Sage Sin-first time competing in tournament

Jessica James-5-5 all time in tournament history

Ultimately, Jessica James would end up defeating Sage Sin to become the 2016 America Joshi Queen of Queens winner, but let’s take a look at how it all went down.

1st Round Matchups

Jessica James vs Allie Kat-Although Allie Kat dominated most of the match, Jessica still found a way to pick up the win via pin fall.Jessica James advanced.

Christi Jaynes vs Erica Torres-This match featured lots of hair pulling by both women. Christi controlled the early portion of the match, Erica controlled the middle portion of the match and Christi was able to pick up the win by forcing Erica to tap out. Christi Jaynes advanced.

Claudia Del Solis vs Laynie Luck-There was lots of jawing back and forth in this match, with each woman trying to outdo the other. Laynie put Caludia in a arm hold with her legs and began doing push-ups to showboat. This match was an even battle, with both women taking turns of controlling the match, until Angel Blue got involved. Blue hit Laynie with the ACW Joshi championship belt and knocked her out, which allowed Claudia to pick up the win via pin fall. Claudia Del Solis advanced.

Sage Sin vs Baby D-In what was definitely the most fun match of the night, Baby D was working the crowd and had them behind her. Too much attention outside of the ring wound up costing Baby D, as Sage was able to hit her with a chair from behind and then hit her with a neck breaker on that same chair. This would prove to be enough for Sage to pick up the victory via pin fall. Sage Sin advanced.

Semi Final Match-ups

Jessica James vs Christi Jaynes-This match pitted two crowd favorites against each other and it was a very even contest. At some points in the match, both women went for the exact same move on each other, which prompted Christi to ask if Jessica had been watching her matches. When one woman seemed to be gaining the momentum in this match, the other would counter and regain control. At one point, it looked as though Jessica was going to tap out to an arm bar and Christi would pick up her second win via submission, however, Jessica was able to reach the ropes to force a break. Jessica then forced Christi to submit shortly after that to pick up the win via submission, as Christi failed to reach the ropes. Jessica James advanced to the finals.

Sage Sin vs Claudia Del Solis-This match was more of a hardcore match than anything else. It didn’t take long for the action to spill outside of the ring and both of these women used any and everything they could get their hands on. Several chairs were involved in this match and the action even carried up into the second level of the building. Both woman got their shots in and when the action went back into the ring, Sage Sin was able to roll up Claudia in a small package to pick up the win via pin fall. Sage Sin advanced to the finals to face Jessica James.

Championship Match

Jessica James vs Sage Sin-The match started out with Sage Sin going for three straight roll ups, in hopes of ending the match quickly. Jessica managed to get in two kicks to thwart her off momentarily, but Sage was quickly back on the offense after that. Any time Jessica seemed to get any offense going, Sage seemed to have an answer. Sage landed a suplex followed by a running neck breaker and went for a cover, but an impassive pin only garnered a two count. Jessica would respond with a swinging neck breaker, which prompted Sage to roll out of the ring and grab a drink. Once back inside the ring, Sage spat the drink in the face of Jessica, which only enraged her. Sage attempted a front flip leg drop but missed and Jessica capitalized with a huge choke slam. This was enough to keep Sage down for the 3 count and Jessica James was crowned the 2016 American Joshi Queen of Queens winner.

Here are updated stats for every woman after the completion of the tournament.

Baby D-0-2 all time in tournament history

Laynie Luck-0-1 in tournament history

Erica Torres-0-1 in tournament history

Allie Kat-0-1 in tournament history

Christi Jaynes-1-1 in tournament history

Claudia Del Solis-1-4 all time in tournament history, picked up first win in four years

Sage Sin-2-1 in tournament history, third woman in history (Jessicka Havok-2012 & Barbi Hayden-2013) to make it to finals in tournament debut, first woman since 2013 to do such feat

Jessica James-8-5 all time in tournament history, first time winning tournament, wrestled in most matches (13) in tournament history, moved into second place all time of most matches won in tournament (7), tied for most tournament appearances (6) with Athena

Results by round:
Round 1
Jessica James defeated Allie Kat
Christi Jaynes defeated Erica Torres
Claudia Del Solis defeated Laynie Luck
Sage Sin defeated Baby D

Jessica James defeated Christi Jaynes
Sage Sin defeated Claudia Del Solis

Championship Match
Jessica James defeated Sage Sin to become the 2016 American Joshi Queen of Queens winner.


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