NWA Pro Wrestling TeXas: A Night To Give Back results


NWA Pro Wrestling TeXas held their latest even titled “A Night To Give Back” at Pinballz Kingdom, located in Buda, Texas on Saturday June 18. It was an action packed card that had two surprise appearances for fans. Below are the results.

Kody Krash defeated Danny Chance with special guest referee ACH
The night got underway with a match that was not on the card, but it was a pleasant surprise, not only because of the two men wrestling in the match, but also because of a special appearance from Ring Of Honor star ACH. This match set the tone for the night and began the night of great wrestling. The two men exchanged impressive moves and ultimately, Kody picked up the win.

“Limitless” Keith Lee defeated “Unholy” Gregory James via pin fall after hitting a Spirit Bomb
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This match pitted power versus speed and agility and the power portion of the match was on full display from the get go. Early on in the match both men got in each others face as to try to intimidate the other man, but neither of them backed down. Keith Lee went into a boxing stance and starting swinging away at Gregory, but the “Unholy” one was using his quickness to dodge the punches. Lee dominated the beginning portion of the match, but James took over at the mid way point by using his high flying tactics. The action spilled to the outside of the ring and James continued to try and utilize his high flying maneuvers, however, Lee caught him in midair and proceeded to power bomb him on the ring apron. Once the action was back inside the ring, Lee began to interact with some children who were heckling him at ringside. This allowed James a chance to get back into the match and began hitting Lee with some high flying moves. After a tornado DDT and a flying drop kick, it looked as though James was about to pick up a victory, however, those moves only proved to be worthy of a two count. Lee kicked out just in the nick of time to keep the match going. Lee got back on the offensive and the momentum switched back in his favor. He even picked up a two count of his own, but when he began jarring at the crowd once more, he again allowed James back into the match. James began attempting his high flying moves again, but a miscue allowed Lee to hit James with the Spirit Bomb and the “Limitless” one picked up the victory.

Christi Jaynes & The Vet Club defeated Laynie Luck and BB&J
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This mixed tag match saw the “prettiest tag team in Texas” BB&J (Bam Bam Malone & Jaxon Stone) team up with Laynie Luck to take on Christi Jaynes and the Vet Club (Tim “Perfect” Storm & Apoc). Bam Bam Malone and Tim Storm started out the match and Storm gave his team the upper hand early on in the match. Malone quickly tagged Laynie Luck in, as Storm got the best of him. This forced Christi Jaynes to be tagged in since women must wrestle against women in a mixed tag match. Jaynes kept the momentum going for her team and forced Luck to quickly tag out of the match. Now it was Jaxon Stone and Apoc’s turn to get in on the action. Apoc kept the match going in his teams favor, however, a blind tag in from Luck forced Apoc to tag out and bring back Jaynes in the match. A tiltawhirl back breaker from Luck to Jaynes would begin to swing the match in favor of her team. She held Jaynes in the back breaker and applied the pressure as the ref began to ask Jaynes if she wanted to give up to which she declined. Jaynes would eventually break the move and Tim Storm would get the tag in to force Luck to tag out. Malone and Storm began taking control of the match and kept Storm in their corner to deliver some punishing moves. Malone went for a cover and had his feet on the ropes, but the referee saw him and broke the count. At this point, the crowd began to chant “Storm! Storm! Storm!” to encourage him to get his team back in the match. Stone made a mistake and threw Storm into his corner and that allowed Apoc to be tagged in. At this point, everyone involved in the match were in the ring going at it and when the dust cleared, Jaynes speared Luck and picked up the win for her team.

Ray “Death” Row defeated Chris Marval
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Ray Rowe was on a mission to destroy Chris Marval and he dominated this match in the early stages. At one point in the early stages of the match, Rowe was so in control that he placed Marval on the turnbuckle and patted him on the head and allowed him to regroup. Rowe slammed Marval to the mat with aggression and continued to punish him. Rowe then held Marval up mid suplex for what seemed like eternity, as the crowd began to count. Marval would work his way back into the match, but much like Keith Lee, he began jarring back and forth with the crowd and allowed Rowe to gain control again. A running knee delivered from Rowe to Marval would end up being the demise for Marval and Rowe picked up the victory.

Shane Taylor defeated Moonshine Mantel to become the new NWA Pro Wrestling TeXas heavyweight champion

A lot of the early portion of this match was a feeling out process for both men. Anytime Mantel would mount any offense, Taylor managed to either reach the rope to force a break or counter the move with one of his own. Around the midway point of the match, Taylor began to take control of the match. This match became a very physical match, which Taylor promised that it would be. He threw Mantel into the corner on a couple of different occasions and began to punish him with punches. Mantel would eventually work his way back into the match and managed to pick up two separate two counts from the referee. The first close cont came after Mantel hit a belly to belly suplex and the second one came after a tornado DDT was delivered to Taylor. Mantel did not hook Taylor’s leg on the second pin attempt and it proved to be costly. First, Taylor landed a clothesline that would have knocked out any other man in attendance, and then he hit him with a slam on the mat, followed by a splash from the second rope. This would prove to be enough for Taylor to pick up the victory and become the new NWA Pro Wrestling TeXas champion. Taylor is the second man to hold the title in the history of the title.

Jax Dane retained his NWA World Heavyweight Championship after defeating Cherry Ramos

Originally, Jax Dane was scheduled to defend his NWA World Heavyweight Championship against the “King of Old School” Steve Corino, however, flight cancelations denied Corino his shot at the title yet again. As we noted here before, on Saturday, it had been 5,300 days to the day since Corino last wrestled in a match that had the NWA title on the line.

Jax came out to address the crowd to thank everyone for coming out and to inform everyone that Corino could not make the event, but that the match was still signed to be happening at a later date. As he went on to thank the crowd for coming out, music began to play and everyone turned their attention to the enterence ramp. Out came Cherry Ramos and he wanted a microphone to address the NWA champion.

“Jax Dane, I am sick of hearing you talk. I am not here for this benefit show,” began Ramos. “I am not here for this family that I don’t even know or even care about. And don’t think that I am going to donate a single cent to them. I see that you aren’t even dressed ready to wrestle, but as a fighting champion, you will defend those ten pounds of oro (gold) anytime or any place,” he continued. “Now, the reason why I am here is for those ten pounds of oro (gold). So campeon (champion), you are lucky that you aren’t ready for this match.” At this point, Jax went back to the locker room without saying a word.

When he reappeared, he had referee Alex Marrozos with him and instructed him that there would be a title match between the two men. Ramos took control of the match early on, but Dane quickly answered with a suplex. Dane caught Ramos in midair after he attempted a flying body press and tossed him across the ring as if he were a paperweight. A bit later in the match, Ramos was attempting a tornado DDT on Dane, but Dane countered and once again tossed him across the ring and made it look effortless once again. Once Ramos got up, Dane hit him with a spear and Ramos was down for the three count. Dane successfully defended his title for the third time in the last ten days or so.

When the match was over, the heels of the company ran out and attacked Dane and shortly after, the faces of the company came out to make the save and all hell broke loose inside the ring. Multiple finishers were done inside the ring and it was an awesome end to an awesome show.

NWA Pro Wrestling TeXas has announced that their July 9th event at Pinballz Kingdom has been cancelled, but the August event will still take place.


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