Baby D discusses upcoming Queen Of Queens tournament


Anarchy Championship Wrestling will host its eighth annual American Joshi Queen of Queens tournament on Sunday June 26. Eight women will be competing to be crowned the 2016 Queen of Queens winner. Three of the women have competed in this tournament before, but have never won it. Baby D is one of the three hopefuls to become a first time winner and we caught up with her to talk about the upcoming tournament.

H/F: Talk about what it means to wrestle in this tournament.

BD: I was able to wrestle in the Queen of Queens tournament last year. It was super fun and this year it means the world to me. I’m honored and excited after coming off of winning prom queen this year!
H/F: What is it going to take for you to win this tournament?

BD: To win this tournament it’s gonna take my all, which means I have to give my all. I must keep in mind that even though I wanna have fun, I still need to stay focused.
H/F: What would it mean to you to win this tournament?

BD: If I win, that would mean the world to me and hopefully a shot at the ACW Women’s belt.
H/F: What can fans expect to see when they see Baby D step in the ring?

BD: Fans can expect what they see every time I wrestle. A fun, outgoing, loud and in your face big girl getting it in and making you love her! Oh and an ass in the face to every opponent!
H/F: Any words for the other competitors in this tournament?

BD: I’m coming with my A game, so they better bring it too!



Be sure to catch Baby D and all of the other great wrestlers in action on Sunday June 26 at the Mohawk, located at 912 Red River in Austin, Texas.


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