AAPW “Winner Takes All” results


America’s Academy of Pro Wrestling will hosted their last event titled “WINNER TAKES ALL” at the AAPW training center on June 11th. The event had six matches on the card that included 3 title matches, a match for Ms. Bombshell and a “Loser Leaves Town” match. Below you can see the results from all six matches.

NOTE: All results for the matches were written by George de la Isla of AAWP.


AAPW Heavyweight Wrestling Championship (Dog Collar)
Don Rodrigo(Champion) vs Donnie Giovanni
DON RODRIGO retained his championship title due to the illegal interference of Christie VaVoom. Donnie Giovani delivered a huge Power Bomb as a payback to her! Things are starting to heat up in this rivalry.

Winner: Don Rodrigo retained his AAPW heavyweight championship.

AAPW Woman’s Championship Title Match
Allie Kat(Champion) vs Bella Tres
Bella Tres was successful in her match defeating Allie Kat in a wild AAPW female
Championship match. Tres was scrappy in the ring and up in the referees face and of course she used the help of her “New Boss” Christi VaVoom. After the match, Bella had to hand over her belt to the arms of Christi declaring her the new champion.

Winner: Bella Tres, however, the new AAPW Women’s Champion is now Christi VaVoom!

AAPW Tag Team Championship Match
Kash Money & SideShow (Tag Champions) vs Charlie “Golden Gator” Maret & American Eagle
Special guest referee AMIR ASSUD was assigned by Christi VaVoom to officiate the tag team match. After 12 minutes of the match, Amir became very irritated with American Eagle and the middle eastern referee began his physical assault on Eagle. A NO CONTEST was declared when senior referee Martin Green stepped in to pull the two apart! Amir forcibly removed the mask off Eagle and paraded around with it until Eagle replaced his mask with another one and came back to issue a challenge with a hair verses mask in next months show on Saturday July 9th in what is now dubbed “The Big Bang Match.”

Winner: No contest and Kash Money & Sideshow retain their titles.

“Loser Leaves Town” Grudge Match
Chris Phoenix vs K.O. Cox
A Disappointing outcome was issued to the two wrestlers when Martin Green Formerly announced a disqualification decision when the brawl broke out with others interfering in this match! It became too wild and dangerous and out of the hands of the referee, so he decided to stop the match.  This was the second no contest of the night.

Winner: No contest and both men get to stay in town, for now.

Bombshell’s Hell Match
Quentin Lynch vs Kody Krash
Quentin capitalized on a mistake Kody made in the ring which ended up costing him the match. Kody tried his high flying pin but when he missed, Lynch caught Kody at a disadvantage and then hit him with an Irish Death Neck Drop! Kody Krash is now suspended for 90 days as this was part of the stipulation of the match.

Winner: Quentin Lynch.

KAll American Opener Match
Blue Blade vs Tony Rebel
New Comer Anthony Rebel started off in rugged fashion to make a statement to his opponent sending him flying from one side of the ring to the other. Blue Blade caught the bitter end of the pain dished out by Rebel. Using his lighting speed, Blade was able to counter a punishing move at the last second and pinned Rebel.

Winner: Blue Blade.



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