Wrumors: June 25, 2016


I’m back with another edition of Wrumors for your entertainment. As always, these are just some of the things that are circulating and at the moment hold no real truth to them. So don’t get too caught up in them and don’t yell at the author.

1. Nikki Bella’s finishing move has been banned and return date.

Nikki tweeted out asking fans what her new finisher should be last week and the word is that the WWE does not want her to use the “Rack Attack” as a finisher anymore. This makes sense considering that she has been sidelined with a neck injury and the finisher would only present further injury risks that are unnecessary. Nikki is said to be returning to the ring at the end of July.

2. Jay Lethal will join the NXT roster. 

The word on the wrestling streets is that once his contract expires with Ring of Honor, Jay Lethal is looking to score a deal with the WWE that will place him on the NXT roster. Lethal is definitely ready for this move and even has the talent to move to the main roster, but the next Wrumor will explain why he is not making that move.

3. NXT call ups are expected to start on Raw after Money In The Bank. 

The word going around is that the NXT roster is going to be raided for their talent for the upcoming draft and apparently it will all start taking place on the Raw after Money In The Bank. If this is said to be true, I would have to think that Finn Balor would be one of the first ones to get the call up.

4. Tyson Kidd’s in ring wrestling career over?

It appears that the in ring wrestling career of Tyson Kidd may be over. Doctors consider it a miracle that he walked away from the spinal injury and given the severity of it, it may be a wise move to not press his luck any further. Although no official word has come from Kidd or the WWE, it has been just over a year since the injury with no timetable set for his return. Kidd was getting set to make a big tag team run along side Cesaro when the injury happened.

5. WWE brand split draft to take place in mid July, PPV’s moving forward.

The word going around is that the draft will take place on the July 18 episode of Monday Night Raw and the WWE will host two separate ppv events, one for each brand each month. The only exception to this new plan is when the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania and Summer Slam all take place.


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