AAPW Winner Takes All preview


Tonight, America’s Academy of Pro Wrestling will host their next event titled “WINNER TAKES ALL.” The event will take place at the AAPW training center, located at 401 FM 685, Ste 302 in Pflugervile, Texas. Bell time is at 7:30pm and a total of six matches are on the card. Those matches are listed below.

NOTE: All previews for the matches were written by George de la Isla and all pictures are courtesy of George de la Isla or AustinAAPW.com

AAPW Heavyweight Wrestling Championship (Dog Collar)
aapw champ

Don Rodrigo(Champion) vs Donnie Giovanni
“Sicilian Meatball” DONNIE GiOOVANI in a Dog Collar Match.

These two collided last month in a title match and unbelievably Rodrigo’s arm was raised when Christi VaVoom interfered to help the Scorpion. Don Rodrigo was declared the New AAPW Heavyweight Champion when Giovani could not answer the final count by Senior referee Marty Green. “He’s not escaping from me now when he wrapped and connected to me with a dog collar to his neck,” said Donnie. Don Rodrigo answered Donnie ,”the truth is the truth and our leader, the beautiful Christi VaVoom said I am the new and greatest AAPW Heavyweight Champion that has ever been at AAPW and Giovani is still just a MEATBALL!” Things are just heating up between these two and the next chapter will be written tonight! Don’t miss it!

AAPW Woman’s Championship Title
bella vs allie

Bella Tres vs Allie Kat (Champion)
BELLA TRES TAKES ON ALLIE KAT FOR THE AAPW WOMEN’s CHAMPIONSHIP! Female wrestling challenger Bella Tres is stalking champion ALLIE KAT by Christi VaVoom’s orders to get that belt back to her side with a win tonight. When VaVoom lost the title belt last month to Allie Kat, Christi talked Bella into a beat down on Kat inside the ring and stole it from her arms. Not just the state but the National Athletic Commissioner called a foul on VaVoom and ordered a official match with Kat and Bella where the “Winner takes all!” Officially Kat is the True Champion for getting the win over Christi. But now she has replaced herself with the beautiful wrestling star, the unpredictable and angry Bella Tres, who has been told by Christi to, “go out there and bring back the title belt and do what ever it takes to knock her lights out!” On the other hand, we spoke to the calm and peaceful Allie Kat and she stated, “I’m not worried about sweet Bella, I’ll just slap my furry cat tail on her face and she’ll run. But, as far as Christi, I just want to to scratch out the eyes out of her head!” Will Allie Kat retain her title? Will Bella Tres get the gold back for Christi? Find out what will happen next at “Winner Takes All” tonight!

“Loser Leaves Town” Grudge Match
loser leaves

Chris Phoenix. vs K.O. Cox
LOSER LEAVES TOWN! That’s right wrestling fans the break up has happened and AAPW live professional wrestling is featuring the match between the former tag team champions, K.O. Cox and
Chris Phoenix. The fight erupted when KO betrayed his partner Chris, right in the middle of the tag team championship match against Kash Money and SideShow. KO began physically beating down Chris along with Show & Kash. Chris was pinned and knocked out temporarily by Kash and they went on to win and keep their championship titles. Kash and SideShow held up KO’s arms in success and shouted, “B-L-M, B-L-M! Our new group is called
B-L-M!” Phoenix was startled by the double cross from KO and leaped from the ring and the fist fight was on! After holding these two back from tearing each other up, they decided to settle it with the loser of their match must leave town! They both agreed and began fighting again in the dressing room. This promises to be an explosive match that you do not want to miss.

Bombshell’s Hell Match

Quentin Lynch vs Kody Krash

Opponents “IRISH” QUENTIN LYNCH and “SUPER COLLIDING” KODY KRASH refuse to team up with each other tonight. The news hit promoter and owner of AAPW, Christi VaVoom’s business office and she was not happy about it! We asked Christi what was the reason they did not want to team up against B.L.M. and she stated that, “Kody’s got a problem with the way he treats Bombshell,nhis valet and girlfriend from Ireland, and Lynch has no respect for Kody because he never minds his own business!” Christi went on to say,
“If those two refuse to wrestle B.L.M., if they want to keep wrestling in Texas, they must face each other in the ring on the 11th and who ever loses will be suspended for 90 days!” Come find out which one of these two wrestlers will be suspended for 90 days after these two face off.

The last two matches on the card are listed below.

AAPW Tag Team Championship
Kash Money & SideShow vs Charlie “Gator” Maret & American Eagle

All American Opener Match
Anthony Rebel vs Blue Blade

Ticket prices are: Adults-$10 Kids-$8

Head referee: Marty Green

AAPW Promotor, Owner and Commissioner: Christi VaVoom
More information can be found at: www.austinaapw.com


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