ACW American Joshi Queen of Queens tournament by the numbers


On Sunday June 26, 2016, Anarchy Championship Wrestling will host its eighth annual American Joshi Queen of Queens tournament. We covered who is competing in the tournament this year, you can click here to learn more about the competitors.

Today we are going to take a look at the upcoming tournament, the history of the tournament and the competitors who have competed in it.

A total of 29 (34 after the eighth tournament) different women have competed in this tournament all time and only one has won the tournament twice, Athena in 2012 and 2015. 2016 will be the first time that the tournament does not feature Athena (competed every year since 2010) or Su Yung (competed every year since 2012) since the debut of the tournament back in 2009. This will be Claudia Del Solis’ fourth time competing in this tournament, which will tie her for third most appearances, and Jessica James will tie Athena for most appearances in this tournament when she makes her sixth appearance.

The ACW Women’s Championship has been defended in three of the tournaments, 2010, 2014 and 2015. In the years 2014 and 2015, Su Yung and Athena successfully defended the title from the beginning to the end of the tournament respectively. In 2010, the title changed hands three different times en route to a tournament victory for Portia Perez.

No wrestler making their tournament debut has ever won the tournament (with the exception of the inaugural year 2009) and Jessicka Havoc(2012) and Barbi Hayden(2013) are the only two wrestlers to make it to the championship match in their tournament debuts. 5 different women (Christi Jaynes, Allie Kat, Laynie Luck, Sage Sin and Erica Torres) will have the opportunity to be the first woman to make their debut in the tournament and win it.

Below is a breakdown of the history of the tournament year by year.

Queen of Queens Winner Year By Year
2009-Daizee Haze defeated Sara Del Rey
2010-Portia Perez defeated Jessica James/Lady Poison
2011-Rachel Summerlyn defeated Athena
2012-Athena defeated Jessicka Havoc
2013-Angel Blue defeated Barbi Hayden
2014-Su Yung defeated Leva Bates
2015-Athena defeated Angel Blue

2009 Participants
Sara Del Rey, Angel Blue, Rachel Summerlyn, Claudia Del Solis, Jessica James, Rain, Daizee Haze and Portia Perez

2009 QOQ

2009 Results
Round 1
Sara Del Rey defeated Angel Blue
Rachel Summerlyn defeated Claudia Del Solis
Jessica James defeated Rain
Daizee Haze defeated Portia Perez
Sara Del Rey defeated Rachel Summerlyn
Daizee Haze defeated Jessica James
Championship Match
Daizee Haze defeated Sara Del Rey to become the 2009 American Joshi Queen of Queens winner.

2010 Participants
MsChif, Athena, Portia Perez, Daizee Haze, Jessica James, Sara Del Rey, Daffney and Rachel Summerlyn

2010 QOQ

2010 Results
Round 1
MsChif defeated Athena
Portia Perez defeated Daizee Haze
Jessica James defeated Sara Del Rey
Daffney defeated Rachel Summerlyn (c)
Portia Perez defeated MsChif
Jessica James defeated Daffney (c)
Championship Match
Portia Perez defeated Lady Poison**(alter ego of Jessica James) to capture the ACW Women’s championship and become the 2010 American Joshi Queen of Queens winner.

**Jessica James had been injured after her semi-finals win and just before she was going to forfeit the tournament to Portia, Lady Poison’s music hit and out came Lady Poison to battle Portia in James’ place.

2011 Participants
Portia Perez, Mia Yim, Rachel Summerlyn, Christina Von Eerie, Athena, Angel Blue, Amanda Fox and Serena Deeb

2011 QOQ

2011 Results
Round 1
Portia Perez defeated Mia Yim
Rachel Summerlyn defeated Christina Von Eerie
Athena defeated Angel Blue
Amanda Fox defeated Serena Deeb
Rachel Summerlyn defeated Portia Perez
Athena defeated Amanda Fox
Championship Match
Rachel Summerlyn defeated Athena to become the 2011 American Joshi Queen of Queens winner.

2012 Participants
Athena, Su Yung, Christina Von Eerie, Veda Scott, Rachel Summerlyn, Jazz, Jessicka Havoc and Lady Poison (aka Jessica James)

2012 QOQ

2012 Results
Round 1
Athena defeated Su Yung
Christina Von Eerie defeated Veda Scott
Rachel Summerlyn defeated Jazz
Jessicka Havoc defeated Lady Poison
Athena defeated Christina Von Eerie
Jessicka Havoc defeated Rachel Summerlyn
Championship Match
Athena defeated Jessicka Havoc to become the 2012 American Joshi Queen of Queens winner.

2013 Participants
Angel Blue, Addy Starr, Leva Bates, Angelus Layne, Athena, Claudia Del Solis, Barbi Hayden and Su Yung.

2013 QOQ1

2013 Results
Round 1
Angel Blue defeated Addy Starr
Leva Bates defeated Angelus Layne
Athena defeated Claudia Del Solis
Barbi Hayden defeated Su Yung
Angel Blue defeated Leva Bates
Barbi Hayden defeated Athena
Championship Match
Angel Blue defeated Barbi Hayden to become the 2013 American Joshi Queen of Queens winner.

2014 Participants
Athena, Jenny Rose, Leva Bates, Angel Blue, Jessica James, Miss Diss Lexia, Su Yung and Candice LeRae

2014 QOQ

2014 Results
Round 1
Athena defeated Jenny Rose
Leva Bates defeated Angel Blue
Jessica James defeated Miss Diss Lexia
Su Yung(c) defeated Candice LeRae
Leva Bates defeated Athena
Su Yung(c) defeated Jessica James
Championship Match
Su Yung(c) defeated Leva Bates to retain the ACW Women’s Championship and become the 2014 American Joshi Queen of Queens winner.

2015 Participants
Angel Blue, Paige Turner, Jessica James, Baby Dumplins, Athena, Claudia Del Solis, Su Yung and Livi La Vida Loca

2015 QOQ

2015 Results
Round 1

Angel Blue defeated Paige Turner
Jessica James defeated Baby Dumplins
Athena(c) defeated Claudia Del Solis
Su Yung defeated Livi La Vida Loca
Angel Blue defeated Jessica James
Athena(c) defeated Su Yung
Championship Match
Athena(c) defeated Angel Blue to retain the ACW Women’s Championship and become the 2015 American Joshi Queen of Queens. First woman to ever win the tournament multiple times.

Most Matches Wrestled In Tournament
Jessica James/Lady Poison*-10
Angel Blue-8
Rachel Summerlyn-8
Su Yung-7
Portia Perez-6
*Will have wrestled in most matches in tournament history after June 26.

Most Matches Won In Tournament
Rachel Summerlyn-5
Su Yung-4
Portia Perez-4
Jessica James/Lady Poison*-4
Angel Blue-3
*Could move into second place all-time in matches won on June 26.

Most Matches Lost In Tournament
Jessica James-5
Angel Blue-4
Rachel Summerlyn-3
Su Yung-3

Most Tournament Appearances
Jessica James/Lady Poison**-5
Angel Blue*-5
Rachel Summerlyn*-4
Su Yung*-4
Portia Perez*-3

*Has won the Queen of Queens tournament.
**Appearing in sixth tournament on June 26.
¹Has won the Queen of Queens tournament two times(Most ever).


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