Heels To Come: KO-Mania


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to another long overdue installment of Heels to Come. It is time for the one, the only, “KO-Mania!” Kevin Owens has been on a tear since his main roster debut in May of 2015. Despite being a heel, Kevin Owens is one of the most “over” competitors on the main roster and just listening to the crowd pops each night, it is easy to see that he has no signs of slowing down.

Owens has been in the hunt for every singles title WWE has to offer and I can only assume he will be a Tag Team Champion before it’s Kevin-Owens-yellingall said and done. His matches are consistently entertaining and rarely fail to thrill. Even his squash matches are fun to watch. He has a clean victory over John Cena, which is something few wrestlers on any roster can say.

Kevin Owens, and I know I said this about Seth Rollins, has the potential to be a huge draw as a heel and he is electric on the mic. He is very close to Heel Rock as we have seen in a long time. The audience loves it. He has done all this with no “clique” or “corporate” backing. Rarely aligning with any one has made him a wild card and like “It’s Always Sunny…” tells us, every crew needs a wildcard.

So let’s get down to business. For those who don’t remember in this series I break down Superstars using Bret Hart’s rating system. We take a look at three main areas that the Hitman himself deems core to every Superstar’s makeup. Look, Promo, and In Ring based out of a score of 10.

Look: 6 Now before you get all up in arms, hear me out. Kevin Owens doesn’t have the traditional “look” one is use to seeing wrestlers have. The dude looks like he’s polished off more kegs than adversaries. This is the one thing many believed would hold Kevin back on the main roster, the fact that VKM loves the body builder look. It took Triple H going to bat for him to get VKM to see Owens as an asset despite his look. I have nothing against his look but in rating him I have to say it is not overly impressive like Rollins’. Kevin Owens doesn’t let the look slow him down and he has embraced it and used it to show that no matter what your “look” is, you can succeed in this business if you work. Very Dusty Rhodes like.

Promo: 9 And here is where a love for Kevin Owens is spawned. The man can cut a promo like no other and he’s completely natural when doing so. English isn’t even is first language and he’s more well spoken than Ryback/Ryborg/The Jobless Big Guy. He even cuts promo’s on twitter on fans. The man’s game is incomparable. MuchKevin-Owens-3-620x350 like the Rock of old, KO has the fans waiting with bated breath to hear the next thing out of his mouth. He’s a heel and he’s getting babyface reactions. Even during a match, he continues to cut on fans and foes. Taunting, smack talking, and just being belligerent have gotten KO over than most. If you look up his work in the independents you will see that he’s been on his game for a while and is just natural with a mic in his hands.

In Ring: 9 Given how I feel about his “look” and given the limits that a dude his size should have, I am convinced that there is nothing Kevin Owens cannot do. Our writer, Jeff, stated that Owens “moves like a lucha” and I have to agree. He pops up on the top rope with ease and his full jump and launch moonsault are incredible. And this is just what the WWE universe has seen. Go check out his early work and you will see that KO can legit move. His matches against El Generico are pure magic and the move sets go way beyond the WWE limitations. Between KO and the returned Rollins’ I expect there to be a plethora of new moves and combos rmaxresdefaultolled out. This is the “New Era” and KO is one of it’s leaders. Owens versatility lets him brawl, high fly,  high impact, and technical wrestle. The man really can do it all and it’s what makes watching his matches so much fun. Now that Sami Zayn is on the main roster I expect more magic between these two and KO will continue to amaze.

So in conclusion KO gets a strong rating of 24/30 with a 6/9/9. I do believe KO is one of the, if not THE, strongest heels on the main roster. There are few who can surpass his overall skill and mic talent. The only way for KO to go is up.

It truly will be “KO-Mania!”


All photos credit: WWE.com


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