ACW announces 8 participants for the American Joshi Queen of Queens tournament


The 8th annual American Joshi Queen of Queens tournament hosted by Anarchy Championship Wrestling is set to take place on Sunday June 26 in Austin, Texas at the Mohawk, located at 912 Red River.

There will not be a back to back winner yet again as the 2015 (and 2012) winner, Athena, is not participating in the tournament this year. It should also be noted that the current ACW Joshi champion Angel Blue is also not participating in this years tournament. Whichever Joshi Queen wins this tournament will be a first time winner and only one of the participants has ever made it to the championship round of the tournament, Jessica James. Now that we know who is not participating in the tournament, let’s take a look at who else is partaking in the tournament.


Christi Jaynes
Chirsti Jaynes is one of five competitors who has never competed in the Queen of Queens tournament, but that doesn’t mean that she should be taken lightly in this event. Jaynes is currently feuding with Laynie Luck, another competitor in this tournament, in the Pro Wrestling TeXas organization. It will be interesting to see if these two collide in the tournament and it certainly would make one heck of a finals if the two of them were to meet there.



Jessica James
Jessica James has the most experience in this tournament as she has wrestled in 10 (5-5 overall record) Queen of Queens tournament matches and has reached the championship match one time. The one time that she did reach the finals, she wrestled under her alter ego Lady Poison, as Jessica James was injured after winning a semi-finals match. She ultimately lost in the finals to Portia Perez. James should probably be considered the favorite to win this tournament, however, there are plenty of talented women who could just as easily win.



Baby D
Baby D has competed in only one match in this tournament before and that match ended in a loss. She has been wrestling with the River City Wrestling organization quite a bit lately and has a little bit of history with another competitor, Allie Kat. She is back this year and would like to make a better run in the tournament as she has hopes to become the new American Joshi Queen of Queens winner.



Allie Kat
Allie Kat is another one of five women who have never competed in the tournament before. Although she is new to this tournament, she is not new to wrestling. She is the current reigning, defending River City Wrestling Women’s champion after she dethroned the then champion Delihah Doom in a fatal four way match that also featured another competitor in this tournament, Baby D.

Laynie Luck
Laynie Luck is another competitor who has never competed in this tournament, but much like Allie, she is not new to wrestling. Luck has been wrestling with a few organizations and has been on a roll with Pro Wrestling TeXas. As mentioned earlier, Luck and Christi Jaynes are in a pretty heated feud right now in PWT and things could reach new levels with the Queen of Queens throne up for grabs.



Claudia Del Solis
Claudia Del Solis may be the one who has biggest chip on her shoulder going into this tournament. She has competed in three different tournaments and has never won a single match. She is looking to get her first ever win in this tournament and make it past the first round. Del Solis is a very talented wrestler who could make a run all the way to the finals and could even win the whole thing.



Sage Sin
Sage Sin is the fourth competitor who has never competed in this tournament. Sage is the current Cen Cal 5 Cities champion and has been wrestling for about 2 years. Sage has won her last 7 singles matches and wins 8, 9 and 10 would give her a new crown. The “Pumpkin Queen” is looking to add another title of Queen to her resume and would love nothing more than to win this tournament.



Erica Torres
Last but certainly not least, Erica Torres is the last competitor in this tournament and she also has never competed in this tournament before. Erica started out as an amateur wrestler and is a 3-time All-American, 2-time State Champion and a National Champion. She has also competed and been successful in MMA. Wrestling and fighting is in her blood and once she steps foot in the ring, you can immediately tell. If any newcomer to this tournament has a chance to win this tournament, it is Erica Torres!


Other matches on the card are listed below:

Raymond Rowe & a partner of his choice vs. Curt Stallion & a partner of his choice
The Hole F’n Team (Johnny Axxle & Mr. B) vs. The Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter) vs. The Unholy Complex (Gregory James & Jason Silver) vs. The Bad Boyz (Li’l Tony & Seph Anunnaki)
Darin Childs vs. Jack Jameson vs. Sky DeLacrimosa vs. Killah Kash

This is one event that you do not want to miss!

Tickets for this event can be purchased by clicking here.

All photos used in this article are courtesy of Anarchy Championship Wrestling. To learn more about the company, visit their website here.



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