Wrumors: April 23, 2016


I’m back again with a fresh set of new Wrumors for you. As always, this is all hearsay and should not be taken as facts, there is a reason why they call them rumors afterall. Anyways, let’s move along to the latest chatter.

  • Finn Balor ready to make his main roster debut?

Balor lost his NXT championship on Thursday night to Samoa Joe at a NXT live event. After the show some fans were waiting to hopefully speak with the former NXT champion and he had something intriguing to say as he walked off. “I’ll see you all on Monday,” shouted Balor just before hopping into a bus. Adding fuel to this fire was a Kevin Owens tweet that read “@WWEBalor See you soon, buddy.” We may be getting the Balor Club sooner than later.


  • UFC fighter Conor McGregor in the WWE?

The whole, retired, not retired deal with McGregor has a lot of fans confused and Dana White furious apparently. Nonetheless, it appears as though he is not retired (as of this writing at least), but seeing him in a WWE ring is not completely out of the picture. Last year, he and the WWE tried to work out a deal to have him appear at WrestleMania 32, but for whatever reason, the deal fell through. I wouldn’t say the door is completely closed on this happening, in fact, I would say that the door may have been opened a little more.

  • Undertaker scared of terrorist threats?

As many of you know, the Undertaker was pulled from all of his dates on the recent European tour. The word going around is that the reason why he was pulled was because of the recent terrorist activities in France and Belgium. Taker has neither confirmed nor denied this claim, but it is an interesting rumor. None of the other superstars seemed to have any concern about the threats, but then again, we don’t know everything that was going on behind closed doors.

  • John Cena waiting on the WWE?

According to John Cena, he is ready to return to action. The only thing holding him back is the WWE calling him and giving him the green light to get back in the ring. Cena made a brief appearance at WrestleMania 32 to save The Rock from the Wyatt family, however, he has not been seen on WWE tv since. The WWE may be taking a more careful approach when clearing wrestlers now, since the Daniel Bryan retirement. You can bank on seeing Cena on tv again soon, it is just a matter of when.

  • TNA Impact Wrestling over?

The news just keeps going from bad to worse for this company. They have moved all operations from their normal place of business to their storage warehouse. The wrestlers there are said to be very unhappy and will be asking for their release soon. Some of them are already heading out the door. It seems as though they could never recover or even start to get back on the right track ever since the downward spiral that Hulk Hogan and Eric Bichoff started sending this company on. At one point, the product was watchable, but now, it is a fast forward fest on the night….. or morning the show airs on. The only two people that I personally know who watch this show religiously are Jason and Joseph(Hi guys!).

That is all for now, as always, I will be back soon with more Wrumors for you.


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