ROH results: TV episode 238



Ring Of Honor’s latest taping aired last night and it featured three bouts. War Machine defended their tag titles against Roppongi Vice , ACH vs “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega and Dalton Castle vs Silas Young in a fight without honor in the main event.

To kick off the show, War Machine found themselves in an action packed match with Roppongi Vice, after Roppongi Vice survived the gauntle to earn a shot at the titles. Before the match even started, RV attacked WM before they even stepped foot in the ring. War Machine quickly regained control and set the match at a pace they were comfortable with. RV took advantage of a WM miscue, then the action picked up and the high flying RV team was rolling. The referee lacked control for most of this match as men from both teams seemed to enter and exit the match as they pleased. This allowed RV to really get going and they looked like they were well on their way to dethroning the tag champs. After RV earned a two count, WM regained control of the match. A power bomb on the side of the ring to Barretta pretty much eliminated him for the remaineder of the match. WM hit the fallout on Rocky Romero to end the match and retain their titles. After the match was over, War Machine talked into the camera and called out the Briscoe Brothers. War Machine has stated that they won’t feel like the real tag champions until they defeat the Briscoes.

Following the tag title match, Donovan Dijak came out in a Jay Lethal shirt to cut a promo about why he attacked Lethal’s manager, Truth Martini, an attack that sent him to the hospital. During his promo he removed his Jay Lethal shirt and threw it in the crowd and Lethal made his way down to the ring to fight Dijak. Security would come from the backstage area to separate the two and the show went to commercial break. As they went to commercial Dalton Castle cut a promo on his main event match with Silas Young and stated that he was going to hurt Young.

Next up was ACH vs Kenny Omega, who was accompanied to the ring by the Young Bucks. The majority of the crowd was behind Omega as they chanted “Omega! Omega! Omega!” prior to the bell ringing and well into the match. The two men traded moves early on, until the Young Bucks got involved and hit ACH with a super kick. Once the men got back into the ring, Omega took advantage of ACH feeling the impact of the super kick, but not for long. ACH put together a rally, but once again the Young Bucks would get involved, except this time ACH was better prepared as he jumped over the top rope to take out the Young Bucks. Both men tried their finishing moves several times to no avail. ACH hit Omega with a Stone Cold Stunner, however, Omega kicked out at 2 and a half. ACH would then attempt a midnight star, but Omega moved out of the way at the last minute and then Omega took over. After hitting ACH with a running knee, Omega would hit his finisher, the one winged angel and get the 3 count and victory over ACH. It should be noted that ACH attempted a Stunner at least three different times in this match and even hit Omega with a Steve Austin elbow.

Finally, in the main event was Silas Young vs Dalton Castle in a fight without honor match. Young and Castle spilled out of the ring early and held no punches. The crowd was behind Castle and cheered as he punished Young outside of the ring. Castle controlled most of the match early on, until Young made him miss on a running knee. Young set up two chairs outside the ring and attempted to suplex Castle on them, but he blocked the attempt and the fight carried over away from the chairs. The program went to commercial at this point.

When they returned from commercial break, the action was still outside the ring, but Young was in control now. A ladder was thrown into the ring and Young set up a table outside of the ring during the break as well. Young would then power bomb Castle on the two chairs he had set up outside the ring earlier in the match. He threw Castle back in the ring and hit him with a flying elbow from the top rope and went for a cover. Young earned a two count and began to get frustrated. He then put Castle in an STF hold in the middle of the ring, but Castle refused to give up. He laid Castle on top of the ladder that was inside the ring and went to the top rope. Young attempted a back flip from the top rope, but Castle moved just before he landed. The two me began exchanging punches and Castle seemed to feed off of the crowd backing him. Young would then hit Castle with a diamond cutter, but Castle would kick out after a two count. Young then hit the misery on Castle, but again he would only earn a two count. Young then grabbed a microphone and called out Castle’s boys to watch him finish off Castle. The Boys would then attack Young and the action spilled back outside the ring. Castle would bring the action back into the ring and then threw Young from the ring to the outside through the table that was set up earlier. Castle threw him back into the ring and went for the cover, but would only get a two count. Castle was finally able to hit Young with a bangarang and earned a well deserved victory over Silas Young.

What a main event! What a night of Ring Of Honor wrestling! This was definitely one of their better shows from start to finish. The quality of wrestling that comes from this company is superb! I wish that the show could expand to maybe two hours, even an hour and a half would be good. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing ROH in a couple of weeks in San Antonio! Thanks for reading and come back for more ROH updates weekly.


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