Heel/Face Wrestling relaunches, joins Project Spurs Network


You may have noticed in visiting today that things look a little different. Today is our re-launch day with our new site design and logo. The site is still very new and not all areas are completely populated yet, but feel free to have a look around and let us know what you think.

Aside from the aesthetic changes, another change is that we are re-launching with a partner, as the newest member of the Project Spurs Network.

The network started out with the flagship Project Spurs.com, and has gradually expanded, with Heel/Face wrestling becoming the ninth site in the network.

“Knowing Jeff from his work at Project Spurs first and recently with several other sites, I could see the passion he had for wrestling, and I could see that he had built a good team and had a solid foundation in place that lines up perfectly with everything we strive for in building our new member sites,” said Michael De Leon, CEO/Founder of the Project Spurs Network. “Wrestling is a sport we weren’t yet covering, so this was a great fit, and we’re excited to add this awesome team  to the network.”

Aside from re-launching the site, the network will also provide editorial support, handle ad sales and marketing/promotion.

“I’ve been working with the Project Spurs network in some sort of fashion for the last 5 or 6 years or so,” Jeff Cerda said. “I watched and learned from Michael how sites were ran and how the staffs were put together and managed. I wanted to branch out and start something of my own, so I pitched the idea to Jason and he loved it. We were able to bring on Joseph and then things got rolling. We added Carlo a few months later and then our staff was complete. Michael and I started talking about making Heel/Face part of the Project Spurs network and I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it. The work that comes from the network is tremendous and we are all happy and excited to be a part of it!”

Nothing on the editorial front will be changing. You can still expect the same great content as before.

The Heel/Face staff consists of Jason Harris, Joseph Montana, Carlo Dominguez and of course Jeff Cerda. Thanks to Aaron Preine at Xander Studios for his logo work and taking our idea from concept to reality.

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Michael is the founder and editor of ProjectSpurs.com. He has a long history in journalism, sports and online media. Michael has been interviewed by the BBC, SportTalk, the Sports Reporters Radio Show, MemphisSportLive, OKC Sports Wrap and ESPN radio among others.



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