Heel/Face Predictions: Fastlane


WWE Fastlane Predictions

 The road to Wrestlemania is nearing its end. And let’s be honest, since the Royal Rumble it’s been a little up and down. Vaguely predictable booking followed by out of nowhere wins (see: Sumer Rae) have fans wondering if the WWE is planning a major swerve at “Super Bowl of Wrestling” or if creative will just stick to the plan and ride out the story they’ve already worked to create.

And if we’re sticking to this whole honesty gimmick, Fastlane should only provide us with one answer: who will go on to face Triple H at Wrestlemaina for the championship. Outside of that, the rest of the stories could all easily end on Sunday… or continue on. I just don’t know. But with that being said, lets take a look at what we can possibly expect for the final stop on the road to Wrestlemaina.


Pre-Show: Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio (2 out of 3 falls U.S. Title Match)


So if we go back a month or so to when Kalisto first defeated Del Rio for the title, I think we can all agree that creative deserved a standing ovation. It seemed that Kalisto was getting a well-deserved push and was on his was to establishing his singles career. Then he loses it the following Thursday on Smackdown. Meh. Now even though he eventually took the title back and we all popped again, I still think it is Del Rio’s title. Kalisto has been booked well since then but I have this sneaking suspicion that things are about to swing back Del Rio’s way.

Del Rio is a top tier talent that was brought back to the WWE to be that 2nd tier heel. He’s more believable with a title around his waist which is why I think he gets it back at Fastlane and sets up a final showdown between these two at Wrestlemania. Expect the League of Nations to get involved here for the third fall to guarantee Del Rio walks out with the belt around his waist once again. -Jason

The fact that this match is on the preshow instead of the lackluster six man tag match is just poor booking. These two have put on better than expected matches and Kalisto is one of the most exciting superstars on the roster. I expect this one to have some thrills and high spots that will make WWE sorry they put this on the preshow. Kalisto wins with a Salida Del Sol after tying the match at 1 apiece.  -Joseph

I like the fact that they are giving Kalisto some time to shine, but with Sincara now back, I’m not sure if him having the U.S. Title makes much sense. If Kalisto retains, that doesn’t leave Sincara with anything to do at Wrestlemania and with all the injuries, it’s all hands on deck. The word on the street is that Wade Barrett is done with the WWE once his current contract expires, so that would ultimately begin the end of the League of Nations. Planting the seed now for Del Rio to be on his own again makes the most sense, but we all know how the WWE has been booking. I still think Del Rio recaptures the U.S. Title. -Jeff

Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Zigger (Intercontinental Title Match)

The Good: Kevin Owens has a title on him, which is best for business.

The Bad: We’ve seen this match before. A lot. Like, a lot a lot.

And while it’s always a good match, I’m just done with it. I’m bored with it. This story should have ended a LONG time ago. It’s doing nothing for either of these guys and hopefully this will be the last chapter. I’m glad they pulled the title off Dean Ambrose, he doesn’t need it anymore and it was getting stale. I’m glad they gave it to arguably the biggest rising star in the WWE. But please let this end. Please. KO will walk out of Fastlane still champion and can finally move on to bigger and better things. Namely, the Undertaker. But you’ll have to stay tuned for that. -Jason

This match has potential and I like the fact that they put the IC belt back on Owens. This guy is just a great heel and he can work the crowd in a match. Ziggler goes out and, to quote Stone Cold, spot-monkeys around so we should get some great spots in this match. These two have traded victories and while I don’t see them taking the title off of Owens this fast, the potential is there for an upset. I still think Owens wins but this one could swing either way. -Joseph

Let me first say that no one is a bigger Kevin Owens fan than I. He has killed it ever since he made it to the main roster and he has been one of the best heels on the roster for some time. Much like what Jason said, him having a title is what is best for business. Also like Joson menrioned, I’m done with this fued. I’m curious to see what is planned for KO at Wrestlemania after he retains at Fastlane. -Jeff 

Brie Bella vs. Charlotte (Divas Title Match)


I’m calling this match the “WWE’s-attempt-to-cash-in-on-DB-hype” because the fact that Brie is just being defaulted into the Number 1 contender spot is weak. With all the talk of Brie retiring soon it’s hard to imagine this going any other way than with Charlotte winning. Quick match over before you know it. -Joseph

YAWN. Charlotte is horrible, both on the mic and in the ring wrestling. And like Joseph mentioned, Brie is getting this title shot at one last attempt to cash in on the Daniel Bryan hype. I’m not sure when her contract is up, but just like Wade Barrett, Brie is done with her career at the WWE too. Hard to imagine them putting the title on her, but then again, it could be their way to send her out. With the booking done so poorly, this match can go either way. Charlotte retains. -Jeff

First, kudos to WWE for capitalizing on the Daniel Bryan story and involving Brie it. The promo Charlotte cut about Brie having to continue working since her husband was out of a job was some of the best work she’s done since being called up to the main roster. And there’s a hot rumor going around the ICW that Brie will walk out with the title, retire and take the title with her leaving the WWE in a position to bring back the “Women’s Championship”. Let’s just squash that right now. Not happening. Would LOVE to see it but it ain’t happening. Charlotte is retaining and should move on to a match versus Sasha Banks or Becky Lynch at Wrestlemania. Or Both. Speaking of… -Jason

Naomi & Tamina vs. Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch


The best part of this angle has been WWE finally getting Sasha separated from Naomi and Tamina. Good on Team B.A.D. and unity and whatnot but Sasha is lightyears ahead of her former cohorts. Props to Naomi though for having a few good matches with Sasha and Becky, she’s really stepped her game up as of late. Banks and Lynch are going over here but I’m wondering how WWE will set up the potential triple threat going forward. Will they give the fans the NXT connection that we so desperately want? Will things implode between two of the Four Horsewomen at the conclusion of this match? That’s what I’m interested in. -Jason

While some may look at the fact that we are getting two diva’s matches on the card as a great thing, taking a closer look reveals that this is just filler. Team “half of us are BAD at wrestling” doesn’t excite me and while I’m glad that Sasha and Becky are getting time, I can only hope that this leads to both pushing for the title. That can be the only plus that comes from this match. Sasha and Becky come out on top because C’mon, do you really think Tamina knows how to win? -Joseph

I like that they finally decided to break away Sasha Banks from Team BAD. She was being wasted there but now she’s teaming with Becky Lynch, which makes no sense either. After Sasha and Becky pick up the win, I hope Sasha hits Becky with a bank statement. -Jeff 

Chris Jericho vs. A.J. Styles


Ok, how badass is Styles intro music? It might be my favorite since The Rock or Stone Cold, it’s that good. The whole arena gets hyped, I get hyped just watching at home and I know you do too. WWE has done a very good job of introducing Styles to the casual fan and used him perfectly so far. Now as you may or may not know, I’m not the biggest fan of Jericho, especially this iteration of ol’ lionheart. But, this is exactly what should be happening. Styles has been looking phenomenal (pun intended) in this mid-card storyline and is being set up perfectly for a bigger push after Wrestlemania. And the matches have been good. Jericho can still go, Styles is a hell of worker and even the Miz has brought his game up due to working with the two veterans.

Styles obviously gets the win here, his value to the company is far superior to that of Jericho. But again I’m left with questions. Does this story continue? Does Styles move on to a new opponent? Will we finally see the Styles Clash? Hopefully we’ll get some answers. -Jason 

I am overly and maybe just a little too excited for this match. AJ Styles is the WWE is a dream for me and while I wish it would have been back when Jeff Hardy was in his prime,can you imagine the matches those two would have put on, I’ll take Jericho vs Styles. This match was a good one on RAW and Smackdown. The chemistry between the two is great and this should be a good one. I’m picking AJ with the Styles Clash for the win. -Joseph 

No doubt about it, Styles in the WWE is long overdue. He’s clearly proved that he belongs there and has had great matches so far. When Jericho was brought back, I was a bit surprised, but as I mentioned, the injuries have forced the WWE into all hands on deck mode. I have to admit that I was not completely sold on Styles, but he’s slowly changing that. This match could steal the show and I think Styles picks up the win. -Jeff 

The Wyatt Family vs. Kane, Big Show & Ryback


This is the match, in my opinion, that should be on the pre-show or not happening at all. After we got that weird ending to Raw with Kane coming out of the ring, this whole match seems forced. This match is being setup to make Strowman look super strong and hopefully build hype to get people on board with him facing the Undertaker at WM. I just don’t see it. I’m glad the Wyatt Family is getting built up again and pushed but unless this is a squash match, I don’t see this adding to their momentum. But a win is a win. Wyatt Family wins and Strowman does something “no one has done” ….slam the Big Show. -Joseph 

Rather than having the New Day defend their Tag Team titles, they chose to have this match on the card and put the New Day on the Christian and Edge show. Why? Just like Joseph said, this match belongs on the preshow and if anything, I guess have the Peep Show on the preshow and move the U.S. Title match to the main card. I don’t see how the Wyatts lose here and I don’t see much value in this match. -Jeff

Finally! Finally the Wyatts are being booked properly. They are a group of monsters who should be running roughshod through the WWE and over the last few months they have been. I’m not a huge fan of those whole “destroying the titans” thing or whatever but it’s working. While Kane, Big Show and maybe even Ryback are on the downslide, they are still three superstars who at one point or another have been regarded as near unbeatable. It’s a great spot for the Wyatt Family to be in and putting an exclamation point on this story and beating all three once again should propel them on to much bigger and better things.

I also really like that Bray isn’t in this match. He shouldn’t be. He is the mastermind who only needs to involve himself when his henchmen can’t get the job done. You have to believe he’ll be in the mix somehow but a semi-clean win for Harper, Rowan and Strowman would only make them look more dominate. The Wyatts will come out of these matching looking stronger than they ever have before and set their sights on the Beast Incarnate. Which means we’ll probably be seeing them again later in the night… -Jason

Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar


This is both the easiest and toughest match to predict on the card.

On one hand, Roman Reigns is walking out the victor. It’s the story WWE has been trying to spoon feed for almost a year now. Sometimes we like the taste of it. Sometimes we don’t. But it’s what makes most sense. Why build and build this animosity between Trips and Roman only to not give us the pay off at the end? Do we really think Vince is OK with moving on from anointing Roman as the next face of the company? I still think this is the most likely outcome. Whether it works or not, only time will tell.

On the other hand, Dean Ambrose is walking out the victor. Have you heard the pops Ambrose has been getting lately? WOW. And he’s been in main event spots. Opening shows, closing shows, huge amounts of mic time… these are all things reserved for the top guy. And I don’t think I’m too far off base by saying that Dean Ambrose has become the central figure of the main storyline. He’s the one going after Brock. He’s the one going face to face with Stephanie. He’s the one who took a shot a Roman Reigns. Now maybe it’s all just to set up a feud with Brock or a heel turn for himself or Reigns but now more than ever I can see Dean Ambrose walking out of Wrestlemania champion.

And then there’s Lesnar. The biggest draw in the company and the one guy on the roster who never loses. Ever. The only time Brock doesn’t come out victorious is when there is outside interference, which we could very well see. I expect the Beast to be the next target of the Wyatt Family so expect Bray & Co. to be involved in this match somehow. But there’s no doubt in my mind that the biggest main stream draw for Wrestlemania would be Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar for the title. No doubt.

In the end, I still think its Roman who walks out with a shot at Triple H and the title. They’ve invested too much time and effort over the course of the year not to give us the pay off. There’s a lot of questions going into Fastlane but in the end, the only answer we’re going to get is who is moving on the Wrestlemania. -Jason 

Much like Jason just said, it’s hard to see why the WWE would build and build to have a Triple H vs Roman match and then change it now after investing so much. If you would have asked me about 3 weeks ago, I would have told you that Roman walks away the winner no doubt. Now, with the way everything has gone down and the fans not wanting Roman as the champion, it’s hard to call. One thing I think is for sure is that Brock is NOT winning this match. I also agree that the Wyatts interfere and attack Brock to take him out of this match and set up the fued with Bray for a Wrestlemania match. 

So that leaves us with a Roman vs Dean match essentially. If Roman wins, the fans will be behind Triple H at Wrestlemania, something I don’t think they want. If Dean wins, he will have 100% of the fans backing him against Triple H. Something tells me that they will find a way to get both Dean and Roman into the main event with Triple H at Wrestlemania. Maybe the Wyatts come out and just destroy everyone and the match ends in no contest and then on Raw we actually leant that both Roman and Dean are in. Official prediction: no contest. -Jeff 

A few weeks ago this was an assured Reigns win. Now based on storytelling the last couple of RAWs have thrown a wrench in it. Ambrose is looking super strong and WWE seems to be acknowledging the fact that he is super over with the fans. This match could finally give fans the turn they’ve been anticipating and I could see Reigns turning on Ambrose. At least that’s where the smart money should be. Lesner will be a force and I think him and Ambrose will brawl each other to hell. Reigns will spear Ambrose after a Dirty Deeds to Lesner and pick up the win. This should ignite a Lesner/Ambrose feud and give us the Reigns/HHH match for WM. Still if WWE were smart, I would take the risk and let Ambrose come out on top. Make Reigns bitter and have him go heel. -Joseph


Cutting Edge Peep Show


While this will be a plug for Edge and Christian’s new show on the WWE Network, only $9.99 (pay me, WWE), the banter between them and the New Day should be great and this could set up a feud between New Day and the Dudley’s or someone could debut. Lots of directions here. -Joseph

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