Raw Recap: December 7, 2015


So my cousin Jeff has been on me for a few months now trying to get me to write for wrestling and I finally thought I’d give it a shot. So let’s get started with my attempt at writing a recap of Monday Night Raw.

WWE has been on a bit of a downhill trend with ratings for a few months now with Raw and Smackdown. Me, personally I don’t think there is much of anything WWE can do with NFL’s Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football to compete with. Football trumps over just about everything.

Well, this past Monday’s Raw got off to a good attempt to try and boost ratings with a big 4 team tag match led by the Wyatt Family, Dudley Boyz, League of Nations, and Team Reigns. I got a little excited about it honestly. WWE is trying something different with the start and it’s about time. I liked the 4 team match and it was the best start to a Raw in awhile, in my opinion. The match was pretty exciting especially when it was down to League of Nations and Team Reigns. Bodies starting flying everywhere! I’d give the opening segment and match a A-, A+ for effort for WWE trying something different.

Next was a small segment from Cody Rho, I mean Stardust. Thankfully, he was interrupted by Titus O’Neil, because I don’t know what Stardust was talking about. I give that segment an F because I do not know what the point of it was and that is a prime example of what is wrong with Raw. They do a bunch of poor fill in time segments, when they could use that time on having quality matches longer.

Next up was Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Owens with Prince Pretty Tyler Breeze sitting ringside in his own little VIP section. The match was ok, I guess I was just expecting more from 2 great performers. Kevin Owens dominated most of the match and came out with the W. I’d give the match a B. I was more excited with what happened as soon as Owens got the 3 count, Dean Ambrose’s music hit instead of Owens and he came down to the ring and threw popcorn and coke in Owens face LOL! That is a match I really want to see at TLC on Sunday.

Up Next was Team BAD vs Team Bella, not too much for me to write about here. Team BAD picked up the victory, but I don’t know if this rivalry is going to go on much more. I do like to see Sasha Banks getting some more action in and fans obviously want more Sasha Banks, as do I. I’ll give the match a C. After the match The New Day came out with Unicorn horns on their heads and celebrated with Team BAD. New Day is a pretty funny group, they are usually the bright spot of the shows. Even though they are heels, they are very entertaining.

After the celebration was over, the New Day had another funny/entertaining segment where Big E was a tree and Kofi was a cat stuck on the tree. Xavier Woods saved the cat from a tree without the use of a ladder, I think it’s safe to say New Day doesn’t want any part of the Ladder match for the tag team titles at TLC.

After the little skit they had a tag match against The Lucha Dragons. The match was decent given that it was a short match that Lucha Dragons won with Kofi being distracted by The Usos stomping down Woods outside the ring and Sin Cara rolled him up for the 3 count. I give the match a C, TLC Triple Threat Tag Team Ladder Match should be a good one to watch.

When that match was over Roman Reigns had promo about Sheamus saying and he was gonna give Reigns a lesson later on in the night. Reigns has gotten a lot better on the mic from where he started, but still has work to do to be great on the mic.

Next was Miz TV with guest Charlotte and her dad Ric Flair. Charlotte hasn’t got much of a positive reaction or really any reaction at all out of the fans and I think WWE realized it. Which is probably why we’re seeing tad bits of a heel turn, because she hasn’t gotten much from being a baby face. The only time Charlotte gets any pop from the crowd is when her dad Ric Flair is around. My favorite female wrestler Paige came out to interrupt the show ahead of their match on Sunday. This segment wasn’t all the great for me so I’ll give it a D.

Next up was a rematch from last weeks Raw, between Rusev and Ryback. The match was blah as it had no excitement other than Ryback jumping over the top rope to land on Rusev outside the ring. I’ve never seen him attempt that before. Ryback got the victory as the match ended with no reason given to why it was called. Rusev had The Accolade locked in outside the ring after he took advantage of Ryback, who was being distracted by Lana faking an injury after she bumped into Ryback when he was running around the ring chasing Rusev. I give this match a D, I have no clue of the point of this little feud as no real back story was given and no clue if this feud continues.

Raw returned from commercial break with a match already under way between Stardust and Jack Swagger. Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter soon interrupted and hung out ring side watching the match. This match wasn’t very long and wasn’t much to it as I was bored with this match so I give it a D-. Swagger won cleanly with the Patriot Lock and then Del Rio hit Swagger in the back with a chair that sent him outside the ring. When Del Rio went out to try inflict more pain, Swagger got a chair of his own to even the score and sent Del Rio running and he then tripped over Zeb’s scooter. Del Rio and Swagger face off Sunday at TLC.

Adam Rose gave us another episode of The Rosebush and I have no clue what the point is and no clue what they are trying to do with Adam Rose. Just another example of WWE wasting precious time on a match that could be going on or giving us better segments that mean something to a storyline, not just time fillers. If the WWE needs time fillers, then maybe Raw should just go back to a 2 hour show instead of 3.

After The Rosebush segment, Del Rio was arguing with Zeb Colter in the back about him tripping over his scooter. A break up between these two happened sooner than we thought, and don’t even know why these two were put together in the first place.

Next was Tommy Dreamer vs Braun Strowman, which Dreamer had no chance and this match was another short one with Strowman choking out Dreamer. I give this match a F, nothing else to say bout it. We’ll see what happens with The Wyatt Family vs Team ECW on Sunday.

Raw ended with Roman Reigns and Sheamus giving us a promo ahead of their Title Match at TLC. Reigns started off the promo talking about the lesson he was supposed to learn from Sheamus, then went to him talking about starting from the bottom with The Shield and how he had to climb to the top and winning the title until Sheamus cashed in the money in the bank briefcase, then entered Sheamus. They gave a pretty boring promo, nothing to get the fans excited for their title match and you can hear fans yelling “boring” throughout the promo. Well, the fans weren’t wrong. It was pretty much a boring promo and fans knew it was gonna end in a fight, but it just took too long to get into the fight. The two brawled around the arena for a bit and ended with Reigns spearing Sheamus through a table. Now can Roman Reigns get the job done Sunday night at TLC? Going to have to tune in to find out.

Thanks for taking the time to read my recap and feel free to leave comments on how you think I did for my first time writing a recap. Thanks again, Carlo out✌🏿️


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