Raw Recap – September 7, 2015


Raw took place live from Baltimore in the Royal Farms Arena and kicked off with Seth Rollins addressing the crowd. 



As expected he talked about his displeasure for having to defend both his United States and WWE Heavyweight championships at Night of Champions. After the crowd began to chant “Boring! Boring! Boring!” to him, he responded with, “reality check, Baltimore, I am special!” He then turned his attention to Sting and said that he would make sure that he “never got his hands on his championship ever again.” Sting then appeared on the titantron with Seth Rollins statue.

You want your statue? Then come and find it!” Sting said to Rollins while appearing on the titantron. Rollins vowed to get his statue back.

Next up, Sheamus came out and asked Rollins if he knew “how stupid he sounds?” Rollins, not missing a beat, replied “do you know how stupid you look?!” 
After a few words back and forth, Sheamus told Rollins that if he somehow won both his matches at Night of Champions, that he would have a third one, with him.

Before the commercial break, WWE aired a promo for the next match coming up on the show, Sasha Banks vs Paige.


When Raw returned, they cut back stage to show Rollins talking to Stephanie McMahon asking where Triple H was. Triple H appeared and told him that he would have two tune up matches to prepare him for NOC. His first match would pit him against Ryback and in his second match, he would team up with the New Day to take on the Prime Time Players and John Cena. 
All members of PCB and Team BAD made their way to the ring for the Paige vs Banks match. This match had some nice action that saw each woman get their share of moves in. Tamina and Niomi would interfere in this match at different times and ultimately helped Sasha pick up the win. The crowd had begun to chant “this is awesome!” For whatever reason, the WWE decided to end the match on a roll up by Sasha. Just when the match was getting good praise from the crowd, it had a poor ending. Yet another missed opportunity for the Divas Revolution. 

Before the next break, the WWE announced that Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose would be in action next.

Side note: it has been rumored that the third member of their team would be Baron Corbin.

Both Reigns and Ambrose came down to the ring from the crowd ala the Shield back in the day and how Reigns still does. The match kicked off with Reigns and Ambrose vs the Ascension. The match did not last very long and saw Reigns and Ambrose pick up the win in quick fashion. As expected, the new revamped version of the Wyatt family appeared on the titantron and had very few words for Reigns and Ambrose. 

It’s ok to be afraid, I don’t blame you. I am your distruction!”-Braun Steowman

Bray Wyatt followed that up with “take this as a warning to you and anyone else who is foolish enough to join your cause. The apocalypse waits for you at Night of Champions.” And the man of few words Luke Harper followed that with “Run!
Next, Ryback cut a promo saying what he was going to do to Rollins, only to be interrupted by Kevin Owens to wish him luck on his next match and not to “bite off more than he can chew.” Ryback didn’t buy it and knew Owens was up to something. 

After a promo for the “soap opera” that is between Lana, Dolph Ziggler, Rusev and Summer Rae, Ryback made his way to the ring for his match with Rollins. Personally, I could do without the whole soap opera thing in the WWE, but whatever. 


Hour two kicks off with Rollins vs Ryback. These two actually had a pretty decent match that lasted about 10 minutes or so (disclaimer: I wasn’t keeping track of the exact time so I’m guessing here). 

Sting would make his precence felt once more as he appeared on the titantron to distract Rollins. He made a minor change to the statue in which the crowd approved of. 

The distractions paid off for Ryback as he was able to roll up Rollins and pick up the victory. The second match of the night that ended with a distraction and a roll up for the win. 

Rollins’ frustrations only continued once he made his way to the back as he was stopped by the New Day and they presented them with their new song. 

The backstage promo didn’t stop there. Edge and Christian chimed in to show the New Day their new song that had the words “New. Day. Sucks!” in it. The Dudley Boyz would get in the mix with their own song that had the words “Get. The. Tables!” The Dudleys also announced that the Prime Time Players would get their rematch for the tag titles at next weeks episode of Raw.


Next up, Summer Rae made her way to the ring to plead her case and apologize to Rusev. Queue up the “boring” chants now. And the crowd did just that. This segment was way too long and wasted valuable Raw time that could have went towards saving the Divas Revolutuon. In the end, Rusev accepted Summers apology and Dolph came out to defend Lana after Rusev had some words to say about her. He super kicked him and he fled outside the ring. This segment was finally over! Thank you wrestling gods!

Before the break, they cut to the back to show Reigns and Ambrose talking to Randy Orton. Possibly as a teaser to make you think they are selecting him as their partner. 

Next up was Sheamus vs Orton. Sheamus spent most of his time yelling to the crowd and even got on the microphone at one point. Each man took his turn getting moves in as this was yet another back and forth match. At one point Sheamus had Orton in a modified version of the Boston Crab that actually looked pretty cool. 

Orton was able to make it to the ropes to force the break. Orton was able to regain control of the match and hit Sheamus with his vintage ddt. After Sheamus countered an RKO attempt, he hit Orton with White Noise but Orton kicked out at two. Sheamus missed on a Brogue Kick, blocked another RKO attempt and tried to pick up the third roll up victory of the night. After Orton kicked out at two, he was able to get up and hit Sheamus with an RKO for the victory. 

After the win, Orton was about to make his way to th back and then the Wyatt family’s snippet played and the lights went out. When the lights came back on, they appeared and attacked Orton, as punishment for speaking with Reigns and Ambose we would assume. 

Bray would yell out “Follow the buzzards!” as they went to commercial break. 


Hour two concluded and hour three started during the Orton vs Sheamus match so this update really started 10 minutes in to hour number three. 

The first match of this hour would put the Dudley Boyz against Los Matadores with Torito. The Dudleys made quick work of Diego and Fernando as they hit them with the 3-D and picked up the win. The match lasted approximately 3 minutes. After the match, Torito was attacked by Los Matadores but the Dudleys made the save and put a table to good use in the process. 

After the commercial break, it was announced that at Night of Champions, Rusev and Dolph would face off once again. Yawn.   

Next up was Cesaro vs Miz. I don’t know why the WWE continues to waste Cesaro on pointless matches and fueds? He had a good push going last year when he won the Andre the Giant Battle Royal and then it kind of stalled for no legitimate reason. Anyways, back to the match. Cesaro had the Miz outside the ring early on and he grabbed JBL’s cowboy hat and put it on before he delivered a European uppercut to him that you can see here

The Big Show came out to chase down the Miz and caused him to get counted out. Upset that he couldn’t chase down the Miz, he took his frustrations out on Cesaro and hit him with the knockout punch. Before the break they showed a countdown clock that showed how much longer Nikki Bella had to go before breaking AJ Lee’s record of longest Divas championship run. 

When Raw returned from break, Nikki announced that next week there would be a “Bella-bration” for her breaking the all time record. She was interrupted by PCB and Charlotte told her that the Authority had granted her a match next week on Raw with Nikki for the Divas title and she was going to wreck her plans for her “Bella-bration.” PCB and Team Bella then went at it and it ended with Charlotte putting Nikki in the figure 8. 


Next up was the Raw main event: John Cena and the Prime Time Players vs Seth Rollins and New Day. 


While Rollins was making his way to the ring, a fan jumped the rail and decided to join him on the ramp. Luckily he did not harm anyone and he was stopped before he made it into the ring. 

Cena and Rollins were set to start the match, but of course Rollins tagged in Big E right before Cena could get his hands on him. Xavier Woods brought out his horn with him and continued to play and yell out random things from ringside. Big E, Kofi and Rollins each took turns punishing Cena and keeping him away from his partners to make a tag for the first half of the match. Finally Cena was able to tag in Titus O’Neil and the tides quickly turned in their favor. After everyone exchanged punches and moves outside the ring, Cena and Rollins were both tagged in. Cena attempted an Attitude Adjustment but Rollins countered, he went for the Pedigree and of course Cena countered into an STF. Rollins made it to his corner and tagged in Kofi who did a cross body to Cena from the top rope. Cena caught him, rolled over and picked him up and then hit him with an AA for the win. 

Rollins was fuming after the loss and it continued to get worse. Sting reappeared on the titantron once again with his statue, only this time he revealed a waste truck, shoved the statue into it and had the statue crushed. He then rode away on the waste truck and told Rollins he would see him at night of champions. 

Raw concluded with Rollins grabbing both of his titles and storming towards the back. 

I hope you enjoyed this recap, I tried to provide as much detail and pictures as I could to make it seem as though you were able to watch (or rewatch) Raw through reading this. Thanks for reading! 


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