Summer Slam Aftermath


Summer Slam has come and gone and the Raw and SmackDown that follow are complete as well. So what changed?

Well for starters, Seth Rollins is now your WWE World Heavyweight champion AND your U.S. Champion. Something feels like we’ve seen something similar to this before…..oh yeah Jay Lethal! 

Photo courtesy of Ring of Honor

Lethal is the current ROH champion and ROH TV champion, the longest reigning TV champion ever by the way. I guess wresting is also a copycat league too. 

The Undertaker avenged his only WrestleMania loss and defeated Brock Lesnar via submission, kind of. Brock “passed out” before ever tapping out. While the Undertaker looked great in the ring, I don’t want to see another match against Brock from him. I think wrestling Brock has taken years off of his wrestling career, if that is even possible. I liked the feud but let’s be done with this one WWE.


Photo courtesy of WWE
The New Day regained the tag team titles and rightfully so! While I was all for giving the Prime Time Players a push and a title run, it was stagnant at best. Most of their time was spent on commentary, WHY?! The WWE really botched that one, no surprise there. Putting the belts back on the New Day is the right move. They draw heat, are great on the mic and are always up to their sneaky ways. I love this move. 


The Dudley Boyz are back! They’ve lost a step or two but they are back nonetheless. I think bringing them back is a solid move to add more dept to the tag team division. Knowing the WWE, a tag title run is in the near future for them. 


The Wyatt family has a new member to the family. Braun Strowman aka the “Black Sheep” of the Wyatt family made his debut this past Monday on Raw. I like this move too but what does that mean for Eric Rowan? Before he got hurt, he and Luke Harper joined forces again, so does this mean he is back as a member of the Wyatt family too? I would hope so. 

Bayley is now your NXT Women’s champion. This move makes the most sense as Sasha Banks has now moved on to the main roster along with Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Another good move by NXT/WWE but who is going to replace the three divas that left to the main roster? It will be interesting to see. The WWE showed a picture of TNA knockouts Angelina Love and Velvet Sky at a live event yesterday, are they teasing these two as replacements?


Photo courtesy of WWE

And now the elephant in the room, Sting. He returned to Raw on Monday and surprised Triple H and Seth Rollins who thought they were unveiling a statue dedicated to Rollins. Instead, when the curtain was pulled off of the statue, the Stinger appeared. He made his intentions crystal clear as to why he was back, he wants the WWE Heavyweight championship. He is set to kick off Raw tomorrow and the rumor going around is that he is set to do a short title reign, since the WWE title is the only major title that he has not held. Either way, seeing him back in the ring will be fun.  


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