NXT Takeover: Brooklyn Recap


I should probably be sleeping right now but instead I am too hyped over the NXT pay per view and would rather write about that! Also, Jason and Joe dropping their predictions for Summer Slam got me pumped up, so I decided to put my virtual pen to the pad and get to it. I’ve also been doing a ton of writing about football lately and have been swamped with that, but I’m going to try and squeeze in at least one wrestling post per week. We’ll see but I digress back to the madness of NXT!

First let me give you a run down of who wrestled and who won:

Jushin Thunder Liger def. Tyler Breeze

The Vaudevillains def. Team BAMF to capture the NXT Tag Titles

Apollo Crews def. Tye Dillenger

Samoa Joe def. Baron Corbin

Bayley def. Sasha Banks to capture the NXT Women’s Title

Finn Balör def. Kevin Owens to retain the NXT Title

Justin Thunder Liger vs Tyler Breeze: Even at 50 years old, Liger can still put on a damn good match! To say that I was impressed with him would be an understatement! Wow! Are we sure this guy is 50?!? I felt like Breeze did a superb job of hyping up this match and even his walk out to the ring was on point. Liger even mocked Breeze and laid on the ropes and waved to the crowd, who was very much into this match. The two battled in a back and forth solid match that ultimately saw Liger pick up the win. 


Photo courtesy of WWE

Photo courtesy of WWE

The Vaudevillains vs Team BAMF: After coming so close to winning the tag titles in a previous bout, the Vaudevillains had a better plan this time, Blue Pants! She accompanied them to the ring to even up the playing field this time around and it proved to be a smart move! Once again it looked as though BAMF were going to pull a fast one, but Blue Pants had other things in mind. At one point during the match, the crowd was chanting “Blue Pants City!” With BP stopping the interference from Alexa Bliss, it allowed the Vaudevillains to capitalize and hit a double team finisher to finally capture the tag titles away from BAMF.

Apollo Crews vs Tye Dillenger: This is just my opinion, but it feels like Crews is a morph between ACH and Moose from ROH. He’s very athletic and also possesses power and even his logo resembles that of ACH. I was really looking forward to his debut and he did not disappoint. He interacted very well with the crowd and kept them involved throughout the match. Tye also did a great job as the heel in this match and his ringwork was very clean! Of course Apollo was going to pick up the win in his debut (oh it was also his birthday by the way too), but Tye sure did keep things interesting. 

Samoa Joe vs Baron Corbin: Another well hyped match by both guys in this match. I must also note that Joe looked the best he has ever looked since I first saw him wrestle over a decade ago. Corbin, who was a former offensive lineman in the NFL, has transitioned nicely to the wresting world. These guys were in a “bar fight” type match that displayed both Joe’s wrestling techniques and Corbin’s power quite well. The match could have gone either way and I found myself saying “that’s it” a couple different times. Joe was finally able to pick up the win after choking out Corbin with the Coquina Clutch. Technically Corbin didn’t give up, rather he passed out and could no longer reply to the referee. Overall a very solid match but not the match of the night. That one was next.

Bayley vs Sasha Banks: Match of the night! Both of these women put on one hell of a match. The moves that Bayley brought to this match were awesome and Sasha provided some great wrestling as always too. The momentum shifted back and forth quite a few times to where it looked like it was over, but somehow the other woman would kick out or reach the ropes to force the break. Sasha focused on Bayley’s recently hurt hand and looked to have reinjured it some more. But Bayley toughed it out and at one point even applied the Bank Statement to Sasha after having the move done on her just moments before. Sasha had Bayley outside the ring early in the match, with the referee standing between them, she ran towards Bayley, jumped over the referee and did a front flip to land on Bayley outside of the ring. This prompted the crowd to chant “This is awesome!” After hitting a crazy modified hurricanrana, Bayley hit the Bayley to Bayley on Sasha for the 1-2-3 and captured the NXT Women’s Title for the first time! After the match was over Charlotte and Becky Lynch came to the ring to celebrate with Bayley. In a very classy move, Sasha congratulated Bayley and held her arm up for the crowd. The four women then hugged in the middle of the ring and held up a 4 with their hands, symbolizing the “4 Horse Women” of wrestling. Very epic moment! These four women have changed the game forever!


Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

Finn Balör vs Kevin Owens: I knew pretty much as soon as they announced this match that there was no way Kevin Owens would win. From everything that I am hearing, this was scheduled to be his last match in an NXT ring as he moves permanently to the main roster. That being said, if it was indeed his last match in the NXT squared circle, he did not disappoint! He and Balör work very well together so I knew that the match would live up to the hype of the first go around. Even though I knew Kevin was losing, there was a little bit of doubt placed in my mind when my cousin Carlo text me and said that he had read the belt was being placed back on Owens(I told you that wasn’t the case bruh). The moves each guy was landing swayed the momentum several times in this match and Owens turned in yet another A++ night of work. I can see why he was chosen to make the jump to the main roster and I don’t think Balör is that far behind him. With this being a ladder match, both guys did a good job of incorporating the ladders in the match and using them to their advantage. They were all over the place in this match, taking the fight up the ramp, in the crowd and of course to the announcers table. Balör hit Owens with a nice drop kick off of the announcers table while Owens held a ladder in his hands. A little later in the match Owens hit Balör with a power bomb on the apron of the ring and got him with another power bomb after he caught him off of the ladder. This again prompted a “This is awesome!” chant from the crowd. Owens set up two ladders together in an attempt to suplex Balör off of the top of one ladder and onto the ladder waiting below. Balör was able to block this move and throw down Owens onto the ladder instead. After Owens fell to the mat, Balör was standing at the top of the ladder but could not reach the title because it was positioned too far away from where the belt was hanging. After noticing this, he decided to turn his attention to Owens laying on the mat below and hit him with a Coup de Grace from the top of the ladder. Then, Balör repositioned the ladder to align with the title hanging above and climbed up, grabbed the belt hanging from above and retained his championship. 


Photo courtesy of WWE
One thing that should be noted is that I was live tweeting this event and went a perfect 6-0 with my predictions! That’s never happened before and probably will never happen again! The best I’ve done prior to tonight was get 50% of my picks right.

There were many “stars” in attendance to Takeover which included music producer Rick Rubin, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, X-Pac, Sgt. Slaughter, Ric Flair and even Tough Enough finalist ZZ, Josh, Sarah Lee and Amanda. 


Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

All in all, this PPV was solid from start to finish. After watching this, I do not think that Summer Slam is going to match the quality of Takeover. I hope that I am wrong, but I doubt it. 


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