Heels to Come: The Undisputed Future



Back by popular demand (one can hope), this is my second installment of Heels to Come. This one I’m calling “The Undisputed Future”.

I know what you may be thinking, “It’s been over three months since your last entry.”

I know, but I had to see where WWE was taking its storylines before I committed myself to appointing Seth Rollins as the heir apparent to the heel throne. I was starting to get annoyed with the whiny, slimy, spineless heel they were making him into. He worked/works better as the ruthless, sneaky heel that only relied upon the Authority for hel
p when it benefited him and not when they did all the work. Now that WWE has gotten him back on track in a feud with John Cena, I have bought back in.

Seth Rollins has the potential to be a dominant heel in this industry. He has a little bit of everything and is functioning at 150%. He reminds me of heel Shawn Michaels, the cockiness and swagger and the amazing talent in-ring.

Since turning on the Shield and blowing everybody’s mind -yes I agree they broke up too soon- Seth Rollins has seth-rollins-wwe-champion-holder-600x300aligned himself with the Authority and if you read the previous article then you know how I feel about Triple H.

So Rollins is the Triple H appointed heir to The Game’s throne and he’s proving himself to be up to the challenge.

So here we go. This is Rollins ranked in the Bret Hart Rating system, henceforth known as the “BHR”Seth_Rollins

Look: 9 The dude is cut from stone. He has the look of a guy who will beat you with his mind and has something building in the background, hence the “Architect” moniker. If he can’t beat you with a scheme than he will just beat it out of you. Rollins is a huge advocate of Cross Fit and it shows. He is super athletic and lean. The fact that he is probably 99% lean muscle lets  him move effortlessly in the ring and still look strong.

Promo: 7.5 Now I know the Shield had some great promos during their run but go back and look who does the majority of the talking, I’ll wait…. Ambrose does. Seth still cuts decent promos but I feel like this is one area where he can and is improving. Since his initial start his promos have gotten better. Recent episodes of Raw have had great promos. Hell, he even cut a borderline face promo as a heel against Cena on the last episode of Raw.
That’s great work to be able to jump back and forth like that. Plus his mocking of Cena’s shirt is just classic. “You can’t see knee”

In Ring: 9 Rollins is amazing in the ring. One of the best workers of the new generation. I’m convinced that there is nothing outside his skill set. He is constantly upping his game and bringing new moves into his matches. His last match against John Cena was amazing despite  the broken nose. (or including it depending on your Cena stance) The RAW_1092_Photo_241-610x343superplex into another suplex into a pin combo was AMAZING. Seth seems to operate in the mindset that every match should outdo the previous one. I can’t wait to see what he brings to the table at SS. “The Architect” is truly innovative.

So in closing, Seth Rollins gets a 9/7.5/9. The crazy thing is he has room to improve and that’s just scary. Scary good.

If you want further proof that Rollins is a great heel I’ll give it to you. My wife is the biggest John Cena mark I know and but has held Seth Rollins on tier below Cena on her favorite wrestler list. Due to the current events, i.e. the t-shirt and the promos featuring a disfigured Cena, Rollins has slid over to just under K.O. in terms of most hated…correction: “He is just there until he stops fighting Cena.”

The Undisputed Future has a great future as an Awesome Undisputed Heel.    RDmi13O


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