5 Changes The WWE Needs To Make Right Now



The current state of the WWE could be a lot better and by simply making a few changes. This article sheds some light on the 5 changes that the WWE can make right now, that would improve the product immediately.


5. Bo Dallas joins the Wyatt family.
For months and months now the WWE has no idea what to do with Bo Dallas. He is not as good as his biological brother on the microphone, but he’s not that bad either. Pushing him into the scene as a babyface didn’t quite work out as planned and he has been booed out of just about every arena. Turning him full heel and having him join the Wyatt family makes the most sense to me. This allows to keep the heat going that he receives from fans and could see his potential spike through the roof. Setting him up as a tag team with Luke Harper will only elevate his game and rise his stardom in the process. This will also give meaning to the matches that he as, rather than putting him in some sort of last minute fluke match that he seems to be in night in and night out, if he even gets on shows at all. I like him and think he deserves more and so do the fans.


4. Change the Raw announce team.
Let’s face it, the announce team for Raw is brutal. Brian Saxton is either on or off and when he is off, he is way off. I know the WWE is trying to bring more faces to the commentary team but this one just flat out isn’t working. Bringing back the King makes the most sense, but I’d even settle for Corey Graves at this point. That is not a knock on Graves, I really think he does solid work for NXT and he actually knows what he is talking about. I see no reason why the King couldn’t work both Raw and SmackDown, but if that won’t work, then let’s promote Corey Graves at least.


3. Turn The New Day into heels.
Make it happen already! They are pretty much heading that direction but a change of wrestling wardrobe and embracing the heel gimmick full on is needed! They are doing great work on the mic and have awesome interaction with the fans. Whether you are chanting “New….Day…Rocks” or “New…Day…Sucks”, we can agree that they got it down. They have the it factor it takes to be the heels so why not just turn them already. Adding Mark Henry would even be a nice addition to the team and he can be the driving factor to turn them into the heels they need to should be.Putting the tag titles back in this group will only help the heat they are drawing and they have proven they can carry this division while the “others” get healthy.


2. John Cena loses the U.S. Title.
Like I stated in my Battleground predictions yesterday, the time is up for John Cena and the United States belt. I gave him his props and applaud the job he has done with making the title relevant again, but it’s time for a change for him. I’m not quite sure I’m ready to see him back in the heavyweight title picture just yet, but dropping the belt and moving on to another feud is necessary. While the open challenge has been fun and we have seen some great matches, I’m personally ready to see John move on to other things. Maybe even some time off from tv wouldn’t hurt him here. I know Summer Slam is coming up and I’m sure Triple H and Vince want him on that card, so maybe this could be the opportunity to give him a break.


1. Shield reunion.
Come on, I’m not the only one here that wants this and you know it! The WWE has kind of teased it a little here and there but it hasn’t come to fruition just yet. Making the “Hounds of Justice” a team again brings back yet another force to be reckoned with. As my cousin Carlo told me, one thing that needs to happen first in order for this to happen is that Seth Rollins needs to drop the belt. While he might have been the leader of the authority, I don’t think us, as fans, will believe him to have that same power over Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Seth has run out of all his backup at this point and while the Undertaker may be back to take Brock Lesnar’s attention away for the moment, he will need the backup again sooner or later. Why not just call in his old pals and make this reunion happen?


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