Freak Facts from Alex on Tough Enough


Alex was eliminated from the WWE’s Tough Enough competition this week but I wanted to share a little bit more about him with you courtesy of the man himself. 

If you don’t follow him on Twitter, first off what’s wrong with you?! Go follow him! Anyways, he was posting facts about himself on his Twitter account in which he dubbed “Freak Facts”. I wanted to compile them all on one post for your reading enjoyment, so enjoy! 

Freak Fact #1: Biggest pet peeve is wasting time and being late. 

Who can argue that?! No one likes to waste time, after all time is money!

Freak Fact #2: I NEED coffee immediately upon getting up in the morning!

A cup of Joe can help get anyone going in the morning, so drink up!

Freak Fact #3: I fall asleep listening to Metal/Metalcore, heavy music is calming to me.

Hmmmmm. Who would have known? Personally I would stay up even later than I already do if I was playing this type of music!

Freak Fact #4: When I started lifting at the age of 15 I couldn’t bench the bar.

From that to making it down to the final 12 on Tough Enough? Hold your head up high brother!

Freak Fact #5: I have 2 dogs Drago a Great Dane and Sparta a Siberian/Rottweiler mix.

Who doesn’t love dogs?! Great choice and even greater choice of names!

Freak Fact #6: I’m a huge comic book fan! Colossus is my favorite Comic Character. 

I’m the typical guy and go with Batman but hey comic books are dope to me!

Freak Fact #7: I was bullied as a kid and lifted weights to never be bullied again.

Nobody likes a bully and putting an end to it is very necessary! Great job Alex. 

So there you have it. Seven “Freak Facts” from the man himself. Like I stated earlier, go give him a follow on Twitter. You can find him here @ToughAlexF


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