Money In The Bank Predictions



The latest WWE pay per view is set to take place today, June 14th, from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. This is the sixth installment of the pay per view series which has seen all winners of the MITB briefcase cash in successfully but one, John Cena. 

Kickoff matchup: R-Truth vs King Barrett Um…….yeah. I’m assuming that this match is happening just to get both of these guys on the card? This match up makes absolutely no sense. After winning King of the Ring, Barrett looked to be on his way towards a good push, who knows? Maybe he is still in line for that but is being asked to sit out a ppv to allow the others to compete in the MITB? I have no clue what the WWE creative team is thinking anymore. 

Prediction: King Barrett wins. Do we really care?


Divas Championship Match: Nikki(c) vs Paige It appears that Twin Magic is back and the WWE is satisfied with keeping the divas division stale. How many times are we going to see the same women compete for this title? I would want to predict that a faction of NXT women invade this match causing a no contest, but the way the WWE creative team is booking lately, I would say that’s out of the window. Nikki Bella is inching closer and closer to AJ Lee’s record for longest reign as the Divas champion. The more days that go by that she keeps the belt, the more I am convinced that Vince is going to allow her to break that record just to stick it to CM Punk one last time. 

Prediction: Nikki Bella retains. 


Intercontinental Championship match: Ryback(c) vs Big Show The decision to put the strap on Ryback was a surprise to me. Although it’s refreshing to see a fresh face hold the belt, I’ll have to admit, it’s not quite what I had in mind. To put him in a feud with the Big Show is mind boggling. Are we suppose to believe that the WWE is going to allow the belt to just be passed around from person to person from ppv to ppv? Hopefully this match ends quickly, I’m having a hard time seeing this match as being dubbed entertaining. 

Prediction: Ryback retains his IC belt. 


Tag Team Championship match: The New Day(c) vs Prime Time Players Finally! Finally the Prime Time Players are getting the push they deserve! The New Day is slowly but surely becoming the heels that I want them to be and removing the titles from this trio would be the wrong move. I like the push for PTP but they are just running into another team that is getting a lot of heat for the WWE right now. The millions of dollars team will hold the belts soon enough, just not today. 

Prediction: The New Day retains. 


Rematch; champion vs champion: John Cena vs Kevin Owens In what could arguably be considered THE best debut in WWE ever, we get to see this match again. Part of me wants to ask why? And another part of me asks why the hell not?! I got to witness the first match between these two and it was EPIC! This match is easily the match that I am most looking forward to again and you should be too. They certainly have a tough act to follow after treating us the first go around, but I think both men will deliver yet again. The easy route to go would be to give Cena the win to avenge his loss and set up a third match between these two. That’s not the direction that I am going to predict this match. 

Prediction: This match ends in a no contest as both men brawl outside the ring to set up one final match to settle the feud, this time for John Cena’s United States title.


Ladder match for the MITB briefcase Let’s just get this out of the way, there is no way Kofi, Dolph or Neville are going to win this match. Kane won’t win because that makes absolute no sense at all, so that leaves us with Shaemus, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns. Shaemus returned recently as a heel so putting him against another heel in Seth Rollins is a rare occurance. In my opinion the only two wrestlers who have a legit shot at winning this match are Orton and Reigns. Kane is there as a security blanket for the authority but his attempts to win this match will fall short. All signs are pointing towards Roman getting another shot at the title, this time “earning it”, the way the fans want him to. 

Prediction: Roman Reigns wins after Orton and Kane take each other out.  


WWE World Heavyweight Title match: Seth Rollins(c) vs Dean Ambrose  I’ll admit, when Dean Ambrose won the title at the Elimination Chamber I was shocked. Only for it to be taken away a few minutes later due to a reversal from the official referee of the match. This feud has been fun to watch and both Seth and Dean have done an excellent job of hyping this up with their promos. That being said, I’m having a hard time picking Ambrose to win considering that Brock Lesnar is coming back soon, possibly even at Raw tomorrow night, to get his revenge against Seth. While a match with Dean for the belt would still be awesome to see, I think the angle that the WWE would rather go for would be a revenge one for Brock involving the heavyweight title. I think Dean may stick around in the picture for a bit longer but he won’t legitimately own the title just yet. 

Prediction: Seth Rollins retains with the help of Triple H.

So there you have it, there are my predictions. Comment with yours or let me know how insane you think I am! Enjoy the show!


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