Wrestling Wednesday Overload


Last week, Ring Of Honor wrestling announced that they will debut on the Destination America channel today, June 3rd. 

Per their website, Impact Wreslting will also be moved from Friday nights to Wednesday nights beginning on June 3rd. 

As you know, since you obviously watch wrestling, Lucha Underground already airs Wednesday nights on El Rey Network and NXT airs on that same night on the WWE Network. That is a lot of wrestling jam packed into one night! I’m not sure how smart of a move this is for ROH or Impact Wrestling, seeing as how Lucha Underground and NXT have already established their watching audience for that night. 

Then there are of course the rumors that Impact Wrestling will not be offered a new contract with Destination America once their current deal expires in September. Dixie Carter has denied the rumors, but I’m not sure her word is worth any value at this point. Maybe ROH is being brought in to kind of push out Impact Wrestling, or maybe it has been brought in to help boost it. Either way, there is definitely way too much wrestling on Wednesday nights now and not enough eyes or time to watch them all. Which brand will you watch? I am currently hooked on NXT, so until one of the other brands can up their game, I will stay dedicated to them. 


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