Thoughts and Takeaways from Elimination Chamber and RAW


Elimination Chamber/RAW Take aways.


By Joe Mountain

So I was going to divide up my take aways and comments from Elimination Chamber and last night’s Raw but I feel like we can just combine the two and just Bo-lieve it’s good.

Elimination Chamber Take Aways:

  1. The Tag team Elimination Chamber was a great match. It set itself up nicely but did have a few spots that felt forced and tended to bog down with too many men in the ring at the same time. Was very nice to see The Ascension get some work in and a little push. The whole New Day holding Kalisto’s leg through the pod chains was good stuff. Also, putting Titus’ head through the chain to hold him in place was a new level of heel for New Day. This match did suffer through some down moments, for example when Kalisto was hanging from the roof of the chamber it felt like they were all just waiting for him to fall. Need more suspense and to make it seem like it came out of nowhere…maybe I’m just missing the Hardy Boyz/EdgeandChristian/Dudleyboyz dayz.
  1. I’m not even going to say anything about the divas match….okay that’s a lie. This match was a rough one to sit through. Just too short and sloppy and never really got going. With all the talent sitting in NXT, I’m looking at you, Charlotte, Sasha, Bayley and Becky, I think it’s time to breath some new life into this division and bring back the Women’s Title. Lose the butterfly.
  1. Owens vs. Cena : MATCH OF THE YEAR… so far.owens

3.5 Neville vs Dallas: way too short but if you remember back to the rivalry in NXT than this should be a fun one to watch in the future.

  1. RYBAC8745 - royal_rumble ryback wweK…REALLY?! So many other directions this could have gone. Lacking huge spots and a surprising absence of use of the actual CHAMBER led this match to be kinda slow and plodding. Creative gave their all in the Owens vs Cena match and forgot about this one.
  1. Ambrose v. Rollins is one fun rivalry. It was awesome the first time and it’s still holding water. At this point if Ambrose or Reigns doesn’t beat Rollins for the title then I will see this was a busted plot. Unless Brock destroys him….then it’s a win-win. Just hope they don’t tread too close to Stone Cold-esque. (borrowed from my buddy, Boom. Shout out!)

All in all it was a decent PPV. I just get the feeling that WWE is cramming their schedule full of these things and not giving story lines time to develop. It makes for sloppy plots and rushed matches, but it should be fun to see the Owens/Cena rivalry take off.


Raw Thoughts

I ran a little long on the Elimination Chamber so I’ll keep this one short and sweet.

1.Owens/Cena has my attention and will keep it. I love how Meta Owens is going up against Super Cena. Owens is echoing the IWC’s feelings on Cena for the past few years. Cena is showing he is who he says he is and the fact that he made my wife tear up by pep talking that child in the arena shows why people and WWE have stood by Cena for so long. Should be a fun matchup going forward.

2.WWE has no idea what to do with the Divas division….it’s just sloppy. Are the Bellas heels? Oh wait, now they are faces? Heels? Feels? Heces? Ahhhhh!!! Time to call up the new blood.

3.Reigns is finally earning his push and the fact that he is standing by Ambrose and taking the abuse that comes with it in stride is putting him over. WWE has finally figured out that an organic push is the best for guys like Reigns.

4.Love, Love, Love the Seth Rollins temper tantrum turned I’m gonna show the world. Sowing dissension in the ranks of the Authority and making him buck up against Daddy H is going to be fun to watch.


  1. Remember when WWE had story lines for Bray Wyatt? Was that so long ago? The new Face of Fear disappeared faster after his pinfall loss than his push did.

5.5. And do we really need an Ryback/Big Show feud….my TV was perfectly content without Big Show mucking it up and barely being able to walk to the ring…time to let it go, Show.

  1. The Ambrose finish at the end of Raw was almost worth sitting through 3 hours of meh….A few good matches and having Reigns show visible signs of wear and tear from three brutal matches was a nice touch. Ambrose is flirting with the PG line and it harkens back to the Attitude Era and who doesn’t love that.SD_815_Photo_112-3235415898

All in all, I felt like RAW did a great job of following up the Owens/Cena feud and making it the must watch portion of every week. While, RAW did drag and suffer from rushed storylines that seems to be the prevailing trend. The Big Show/Ryback feud is a throwaway and the IC title will suffer for it. While I’m finding it harder and harder to get excited for a PPV with so many happening so soon, I am looking forward to the next few weeks and the Owens/Cena and Ambrose/Rollins matches at MITB. Just Bo-lieve!



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