Predictions: Elimination Chamber


Alright, so I’ll admit that when WWE first announced they were bringing the Elimination Chamber back, I was a bit skeptical. I mean, I’m a big fan of the Chamber and have always loved the concept, but right off the bat it all felt a little rushed. It’s very easy to think that this was quickly thrown together to A) find a new Intercontinental Champion and B) get some more subscribers to the Network. But as the card has come together, I must say that I’ve got semi-high hopes for the upcoming PPV. Well, for the matches and in-ring action. Not so much the finishes.

Now while I won’t be able to attend the event like my cohort Mr. Cerda, I do have some predictions for the show that’s now almost 24 hrs away. Let’s take a look at the ELIMINATION CHAMBER.


Even with a card full of exciting match-ups, this match has the potential to steal the show. Long time Network subscribers will remember the, dare I say, epic matches down in NXT between Neville and Bo Dallas. They worked very well together while coming up through the “minor leagues” and both have show improvement after being moved up to the main roster. While I’m excited to see Bo finally getting another push, I think it’s Neville who goes over here. It’s time for him to get a signature win.

Prediction: Neville gets the win but Bo Dallas attacks him after, setting up an on-going feud with Neville.  


While I’m all for #GiveDivasAChance, the division itself is getting a little stale. Maybe it’s because Nikki Bella has had the title for so long, maybe it’s because the NXT Divas are wrestling circles around the main roster women. And while the return of Paige and the heel turn of Naomi (love it) have helped, it’s time for a shake up. Assume the WWE isn’t going to let Nikki hold onto the belt for a bit longer and break A.J. Lee’s record in a spiteful move that we’ve seen them pull before, I think we see the title change hands on Sunday.

Prediction: Paige walks out with the title around her waist after Naomi taps, not Nikki.


I’m actually pretty excited for this match. It’s a creative way to use the Chamber while giving a few new tag teams the spotlight. I would have liked to have seen The Family (Harper & Rowan) in this match as well but I understand keeping them out to preserve their strength. I expect a strong showing from the Lucha Dragons and the Prime Time Players but in the end, it’s the New Day who will walk out victorious and continue their run as Tag Champs.

Prediction: New Day retains the titles while screwing over multiple teams in the match with their shenanigans. 


Outside of crowning a new IC champ, the main story from this match has become the injury to Rusev. Injured on SmackDown, it will be interesting to see if they keep him in the match and just try to hide him or they replace him with someone like, oh I don’t know, Bray Wyatt?! There’s a lot of intertwining storylines going on in this match which could make for some good action but this really comes down to three people: Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett and Sheamus. With Barrett already wearing the crown and Ziggler jumping into the Lana/Rusev story, there seems to be a clear cut winner of this one.

Prediction: Sheamus wins and becomes the new IC Champ because we all know how much Vince loves his title holders to be big and bad. 


Words cannot describe how excited I am to see Kevin Owens move up to the main roster. Since signing with the WWE, he has taken NXT by storm and is completely deserving of a spot on the main roster. Say what you want about a few flubs here and there, but Owens has held his own on the mic against the likes of Grandmaster Cena and we’ve all seen how well he moves and works in the ring. There’s no doubt in my mind that he can keep pace with Cena and will come out of this match looking like one of the top heels in the WWE. Still, it’s too early for Owens to get a victory over Cena though I do think Cena will take a monster beating in this match.

Prediction: There’s a good chance Cena wins clean in this match (like he always does) but if the story is told right, Owens will get DQ’d and walk out claiming that the NXT title is worth more than the U.S. title belt. I don’t know if this Cena/KO feud continues but I think it’s got the chance to be something special.   


With the recent push that Dean Ambrose is getting and the history these two have with each other, I expect this to be one heck of a match. Seth Rollins is playing the role of a heel champion perfectly and while I love me some J&J security/Kane, I almost want to see something different here. Maybe J&J try to help, screw it up and put Rollins in a very tight spot, maybe Roman Reigns or Randy Orton come out and try to help Ambrose but screw it up and put Ambrose in a tight spot….oh wait, that’s the same thing we see every week. So maybe we don’t see anything different here but still, I don’t think the match will disappoint, just the ending. This should be the closest we’ve seen it come to Rollins losing the title. It’s been too much of a cakewalk for Rollins so far.

Prediction: Rollins retains the title after a spectacular match and a “meh” ending. Again, I’d love to see a curve ball here from WWE on the finish but I just don’t see it happening.  

Well, there you have it. I love the card but get the feeling that the ending of matches will leave fans with a bitter taste in their mouths. With the WWE giving this PPV away for free and trying to garner new subscribers to the Network, there’s always a chance for something special to happen. We’ll all just have to tune in to find out!



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