WWE’s Elimination Chamber is set to take place this Sunday May 31st from the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas. I am making the 2 hour and 45 minute drive down south to witness this all go down in person with my cousin Carlo. Assuming the cell phone service isn’t as crappy as it is in the AT&T Center (San Antonio) and the Frank Erwin Center (Austin), I plan to either live tweet or live blog it. Maybe even a little of both. Probably just tweet, but we’ll see. Before all of that, let me give you my predictions. 

First, some bonus prediction action. Did I just say bonus prediction action? Why yes, yes (yes) I did! Unless you have been living under a rock, then I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors that Daniel Bryan may never wrestle again. Apparently, his latest injury is said to be a lot more serious than first reported. Do I bo-lieve that? A little bit, but not too much. I do think it’s more serious than we originally thought, however, I don’t bo-lieve it is career threatening like some are saying. Nonetheless, Bryan will be at Elimination Chamber for a reason, right? I think it will start off with a little casual talk, he will speak on his rehabilitation, how he had a setback and so on and so on. Then, he will lead us on as if he is going to announce his retirement, with the crowd chanting No! No! No!

Prediction: Daniel Bryan announces that he will NOT retire and he will come back better and stronger than ever! (P.S. All you have to do…….is BO-LIEVE! What up Frank?)


Neville and Bo Dallas have a rivalry that goes back to their NXT days, so they are pretty familiar with each other. Having done solid work in the past, I expect this match to be a really good one as both wrestlers have had even more polishing of their skills since their NXT days. Not quite ready to say that this match could steal the show, but it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss. I guess you could say that anytime that Neville steps into the ring. 

Prediction: Neville gets the clean win over Bo Dallas and you can Bo-Lieve that! 👍🏻 


Nikki Bella is getting closer and closer to AJ Lee’s streak of consecutive days as the Divas champion. I bo-lieve it is somewhere around the 100 days to go mark. After pretty much stealing the number one contender spot from Paige, Naomi has started to pick up some momentum as of late. With Tamina in her corner now, she has taken up the heel role in the divas division and I think his suits her well. Fresh off of filming her movie, er, I mean her “injury”, Paige looks to get right back in the mix for the title. Something tells me that this match won’t go on for very long. #GiveDivasAChance…. Yeah the NXT divas! 

Prediction: Paige wins after benefitting from some involvement gone wrong from Brie and Tamina.


I guess you could say that the New Day has officially gone heel? On this weeks edition of SmackDown, they came out to attack Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns after they picked up the win over Seth Rollins and Kane. This whole positivity from them has to go and I’ve said this before, but I think they will make great heels. Just make it happen already Vince! Are we really to believe that Los Matadores, The Ascension or the Lucha Dragons have a legitimate shot to win these titles? No, they don’t. I’ll give the Lucha Dragons credit, they are pretty good and really entertaining to watch, but they aren’t ready to hold those titles just yet. I was glad to see the Prime Time Players come back, hopefully they can actually get a descent push this time around. The former champs Cesaro and Tyson Kidd seem to be the only real threat to snab the titles away. 

Prediction: New Day (sucks) retain the titles after interference from the third member that is not a part of the match. Sound familiar?


What’s up?! What’s up?! What’s up?! What’s up?! What’s up with R-Truth even being in this match?! I like the guy and all but at best he is a lower card level kind of guy. This is for the big boys and he is obviously the odd man out. The word is that Rusev injured his leg during the taping of SmackDown on Tuesday of this week. His availability for this match is up in the air, but I think he will give it a go and be in the match. Pretty sure that will limit him and probably change the plans a little but not much. He and Dolph (booooo) will probably do battle with each other most of this match since Lana has decided to “manage” Dolph now. In all honesty, I just don’t think this match is going to be a good one. I think it is going to drag on for longer than it should. I hope I am wrong but something tells me I’m right. 

Prediction: it will come down to Sheamus and Barrett with Sheamus getting the win and claiming the vacant IC title. 


Fight Owens Fight! Fight Owens Fight! Fight Owens Fight! Anyone who knows me knows that I loathe John Cena (suuuuuucks)! I REALLY like this whole push that Kevin Owens is getting lately. One of my new favorite wrestlers and I may even pick up a Fight Owens Fight shirt at the Chamber. I feel like Owens has done an excellent job in building up this match, especially with the short amount of time that has been given. I thought Cenas promo for the match on raw was solid and Owens delivered yet again on both Raw and SmackDown this week! This is the one match that I am looking forward to the most! Even I am surprised at that, because as I stated, I really do not like John Cena and this match features him. I give the man credit though, he is damn good at what he does. But that doesn’t mean I have to like him. 

Prediction: While I love what Kevin Owens has going on, John Cena is still John Cena. Owens may be ready to move to the main roster, but he’s not ready to pick up wins over the likes of Cena. I think one of two things happens: Cena wins clean or Owens gets disqualified like his match with Sami Zayn. Don’t look for Samoa Joe to come out though, he’s also not ready for the WWE ppv spotlight just yet either.  


I like that the WWE is giving Dean Ambrose a push at the heavyweight title, but it just seems forced to me for some reason. Don’t get me wrong, I like Ambrose and I wouldn’t mind seeing him hold the title, now just doesn’t seem like the time. It feels as though WWE is just giving us a break from Roman Reigns, speaking of, why isn’t he nor Randy Orton on this card?! Why not just put them on the card against each other if nothing else? I would imagine that Triple H would like for Seth Rollins title run to last a bit longer, and seeing as how he has that power, that’s going to be the case here. 

Prediction: After some interference from the Authority, Orton and Reigns come out to help Ambrose. But Seth Rollins finds a way to retain his coveted heavyweight championship. 

Predictions for post Elimination Chamber: Orton will get a 1 on 1 match with Rollins for the title at Money In the Bank; obviously Dolph & Rusev will continue to fued, setting up a match at MITB; Sheamus will fight Barrett for the IC title at MITB; Prime Time Players will get a tag title shot. 

That’s all folks! Stay Tuned for Jason’s predictions and tune in next time for Money In the Bank predictions! 


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