Rusev misplaces Star of The Russian Federation medal


Last week Rusev claims that he had misplaced the Star of The Russian Federation medal at a Philadelphia airport. Instagram user “harveybeardman” (real name Nate Lightner), had a completely different story. Here’s how it all went down.

Upon realizing that his medal was missing, Rusev took to Twitter to vent out his frustrations.

Sometime after that, Nate posted a picture of himself wearing the Russian Federation star. The picture has since been deleted but it remains as his profile picture on his Instagram account.

The word was that Vince McMahon was “furious and outraged” after learning that a WWE fan was in possession of company property due to the carelessness of an employee. The WWE fines employees pretty steep money for losing company property, so we can count on a hefty fine coming to Rusev very soon. Moving along.

Rusev then posted a screenshot of Nate wearing the medal calling him a “thief” and a “real American who is not scared to show his true colors“.

Then Nate decided to tell his side of how he gained possession of the medal.

Nate goes on to say in the comments section of this picture, that the next day state police officers showed up and reclaimed the stolen or given (depending on who you ask) medal from him. Pretty cool story even if he did have to give the medal back.

You can follow Nate below if you wish to.

Sources: Rusev via Twitter, Nate Lightner via Instagram.


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